24-Seven - The H2G2 Space Centre Convenience Store

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This spot used to contain a poorly rendered picture of various entities entering and exiting a convenience store.

I guess you'll just have to use your imagination.

The 24-Seven is a proud sponsor of The Web Bug Races. Check it out! Your hostess is Greebo T. Cat

Fulfilling Travelers Needs

The 24-Seven exists to provide the best products available to meet your needs as you pass through the H2G2 Space Centre. Whether you are a commuter, pleasure traveler, smuggler, pirate or a Space Centre employee, your business is welcome. Here is a brief sampling of our products.

Aisle 1 newspapers, magazines, candy, gum, pet foods
Aisle 2 health and beauty aids, non-perishable foodstuffs, cleaning products
Aisle 3 There are 2 coffee machines, the first serving both dishwater and burnt flavors, the second serving fine Kona coffee, regular and decaf. We also feature the Any Flavor Slerpeez, those fine frozen concoctions guaranteed to give you brain freeze. Remember, the machine chooses the flavor for you.
Aisle 4 A wide array of perishable items can be found in the Infinite Capacity Refrigerator. Make your selection(s) from the holographic display on the door and the Automated Retrieval System brings your item(s), neatly packaged, to the front of the unit. Next to the ICR, baked goods are set out in a tempting arrangement. In addition, a thought controlled microwave is available to heat any of your purchases1.
Counter If you don't see what you want, please ask. We keep a few special things behind the counter. And the proprietor always enjoys pleasant conversation.

24-Seven is proud to feature the first Scanner Portal on H2G2. No need to fumble for your wallet here. As you pass through the portal on your way out the door, the scanner will automatically debit your Pan-Galactic Bank account to cover your purchases. Please see the proprietor if you would prefer to open a house account as an alternative.


Delivery of your purchase is available to any valid h2g2 thread address.

Ping, Master of Soup, creates all soups on the premises.

Missing: Soup Master

Name: Ping

Reward: Carrot Cake

If found, return to JAR

Crater Labs, Inc. supplied the following equipment:

  • Scanner Portal
  • Coffee machines
  • Any Flavor Slerpeez machine
  • Microwave oven
  • Infinite Capactity Refrigerator with Automated Retrieval System

And we are pleased to be the first emporium to offer Crater Fizz, the new carbonated soft drink from Crater Labs. Try Goo Classic.

Crater Toys is our exclusive supplier of toys.

is our exclusive supplier of donuts/doughnuts.

Read the Feature Story about us in the Post!

We stock complimentary copies of the H2G2 Post for our customers. Help yourself to the latest issue from the box. Hey, where's the box?

Retail space provided by Alien, ACE

1Warning: Angry thoughts intensify the heating process

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