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You see a huge building, floating just above the ground and shining in the sun with numerous
spaceships flying all around it. You don't have time to wonder how to get in, when you already
spot a teleport with a huge sign that says in big, friendly letters:
through the teleport and find yourself inside the huge station.

At the first sight the place seems to be in a total chaos - people are running around and spaceships keep coming and going. But in a moment you notice that everything is efficiently taken care of. The skilled staff in their offices or walking among the visitors makes it sure that everything works how it's supposed to and is ready to help anyone having any problems.

Near the entrance there is a big inter-active map of the whole Centre showing clearly where everything is:

  • If you own a spaceship but are having problems finding a proper place for keeping it when
    it's not in use, the Hangar Rental Office is the right place to go to.

  • All possible and impossible sorts of spaceships are available for renting in the Spaceship Rental Office. Ask for Transaction and Rental Agent Irving Washington.
  • The Employment Agency is always hiring new staff.
  • Journey Schedule
    is the place to check out which ships are going where and when - or to tell others where you're planning to go in the near future.

  • Greebo's Cheshire Grin Inn is absolutely the best place to relax after a long journey.

  • Go to The Space Centre Courthouse to meet the Judge AXR if there are any problems...

  • The well secured Space Centre Biome is maintained by Head Groundskeeper Garius Lupus. This is also where the Celery running for H2G2 Presidential Campaign was born!

  • Security Chief Big Evil Dan and Security Officer Chrome101 can be found in The Security Office which is one of the best of its kind.

  • Chief Engineer Moose in in charge of The Engine Room.
  • Spaceport Terminal is being controlled by Spaceport Control Officer ajdecon

  • You never know what you can find in Androyd's Junk Emporium.

  • Get your Uniforms and Space Clothing from Lintilla, Head Officer of Personnel Regalia and Pan-Galactic Vesture.

  • Witty Moniker's convenience store 24-7 has everything you could need on your journey.

  • If you just happen to feel useless or own something useless, try Trilly the Useless Officer's Useless Office.

  • The Fire Chief Happy Dude takes care of fires in his Fire Dept.

  • See also The Space Centre Newsletter, created by our PRO Doctor John.

  • The Space Centre Float constructed for h2g2 Birthday Parade can still be seen here.

  • And don't forget either The Space Station Big C orbiting the realm of h2g2

  • or H2G2 Space Farer's Cantina!

Enjoy your visit!


Roving Reporter

The rumour has that the Roving Reporter has been seen wandering around the Centre interviewing people and making notes - I think it's safe to assume that something about us is to appear in the next edition of the Post...

The Post

So now there is an official Post article about us! Read it all here!!

Useless Office

Trilly the Useless Officer's Useless Office is now up and running!

The Staff

Alien The Boss
Greebo T. Cat Number One
Afgncaap5 Science Officer
Wilson Brown-Bear Sanitation Technician
Garius Lupus Head Groundskeeper
SallyM Optical Technician
Big Evil Dan Chief Security Officer
Ernesto Pix Leading Photographer
Irving Washington Transaction & Rental Agent
Doctor John Public Relations Officer
Peregrin EVA Technician
Bluebottle Human Resources Director
AXR Judge
Lindy Loo Safety Officer
The Cow Computer Psychiatrist
Chrome101 Deputy Security Officer
Trilly Useless Officer
Saint Zoë The First Officer to Get Shot/Zapped/Disintegrated
Moose Chief Engineer
getafix Title-Developer
Krans Hopeson Resident Astroengineering Specialist
ajdecon Spaceport Control Officer
Jacculus of Rome Welcoming Executioner
Trinity Space Centre EMT
Frolicking Canuck Certified You, There Technician
Lintilla Head Officer of Personnel Regalia and Pan-Galactic Vesture
The real Mad Max Space Chemist
b.gallant Cosmic Sublime Overseer
Sylvia Biome Security Officer
Happy Dude Fire Chief
Yowuzupman Chief Demolition Officer
King Wolf Unidentified Security Officer
Berek Chief Assistant Ensign

The Official Hangar Reservation File List

# 1 Alien
# 2 Greebo T. Cat
# 3 Rocket Rod
# 4 Wilson Brown-Bear
# 5 Big Evil Dan
# 6 Doctor John
# 7 Marv the Grate
# 8 Peregrin
# 9 Krunchy
# 10 SallyM
# 11 MaW
# 12 androyd
# 13 Trilly
# 14 Moose
# 15 Redbeard
# 16 Krans Hopeson
# 17 Chrome101
# 18 Njan
# 19 King Wolf
# 20 Giguschild
# 21 Lord Falk LeGrey
# 22 Lintilla
# 23 Veers Revett
# 24 AXR
# 25 Sparrowhawk
# 26 Berek
(# 41 The Mask of the Red Rejection eMail (top secret))
# 42 Afgncaap5
# 47 Yowuzupman
# 69 Jax Armani
# 84 Marvin
# 514 Xerces
# 535 The Krylma Leader (hangar labelled 'infinity')
# 537 alien loveshade (former hangar # 536)

The Official Spaceship Renting File List

Marv the Grate
Big Evil Dan
Doctor John
Morally Challenged Banana
Researcher Extraordinair
NYC Student

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