I joined H2G2 so that I could reply to some of the forums, particularly to make a rather lame joke that only Afgncaap5 would understand. Since then, I have become thoroughly addicted and now post to lots of forums and spend altogether too much time here.

I am a co-owner of Crater Labs, Inc. and a member of the H2G2 band of Heroes, C.H.O.P.P.E.R.S..

Link to Lil's Atelier.

The H2G2 Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
LogoYou can find me in the H2G2 Natural History Museum run by Amy the Ant.

About my name

My name here was "Gary" (my real first name), but I decided it wasn't creative enough for H2G2, so I changed it. The name Garius Lupus is the name by which I am known in Ancient Rome. There used to be a cool ancient history site, somewhat similar to this site, but it is now, ahem, history.

Lupus, in latin, means wolf. So, on H2G2, although I am mostly in human form, I can change into a wolf form at will. This sometimes comes in handy, as you can see in the section below.

A wolf

About my knighthood

I was made a Knight of the Realm of the Aroma Caf and the Land of Damogran by Queen BluDragon herself, in a ceremony held at [url removed by moderator] This Knighthood was granted for a valorous deed that I performed.

It all started when Afgncaap5's sword began to glow in BB's forest [url removed by moderator]. This sword, from the land of Zork, glows when danger is near. Afgncaap5 tried to warn everybody, but no one paid attention. One day, while people were sitting around in the forest discussing philosophical questions, a rat-ant emerged from the forest and grabbed Afgncaap5 in its tail. Afgncaap5 fought bravely, but had been taken unawares and called out for help. Hearing his cry, I changed into my wolf form and sped to the scene. I was almost too late, as the rat-ant was raising Afgncaap5 to its mandibles. Without thinking, I leaped on the rat-ant and grabbed it by the back of the neck. Two quick shakes broke its neck and it fell lifeless to the forest floor. A few seconds later it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Afgncaap5 was very grateful. Irving Washington, proprietor of the Aroma Cafe deemed the act worthy of knighthood, and the rest is history.

In case you were wondering, at my knighthood ceremony, I wore a grey 19th century suit with blue silk cravat, top hat and 4-layer cloak. I also carried an ebony walking stick with gold wolfs head top. This outfit was designed by the Sartorial Consultant for the ceremony, Asteroid Lil . If you would like to see me in this outfit, see the parade float for the Aroma Cafe


I participate in lots of role-playing threads and they are much more enjoyable if everyone follows some guidelines about continuity. Some time ago, Redbeard produced a page with some guidelines and YK has also produced a page. They are both well worth reading:

Redbeard's Continuity Page
YK's Continuity Page

There are a couple of points that I would add to the points in those pages

  • Describe your actions, but not the effects of your action on others. For example, it is fine to say: "Throws pie at X", but it is NOT okay, to add: "Pie hits X". It is much more fun in these sorts of thing to allow X to describe whether he ducks or is hit. When you describe the effects of your action, you are, in effect, taking control of the other person. This goes for other people's creations, as well. For example, you can throw your grenade at X's tank, but you shouldn't say what effect that has - the tank is X's and it is up to him whether it gets disabled or not.
  • Be a good sport and don't be omnipotent. It's no fun playing with someone if it's impossible for any of your actions to have any effect on them. Go ahead, allow yourself to get hit by a pie once in a while, let your tank be disabled. It's much more fun that way anyway. Then, you can try to think how you can turn a pie-filled face, or a disabled tank to your advantage.
  • Don't solve problems in a single post. Adventures rely on there being problems to solve, and sometimes it takes quite a while to set up a problem. So, if you are presented with a problem, prevaricate first, procrastinate second, waffle third and finally, hesitantly, suggest, but don't implement, a solution. It's much better if the whole group solves the problem, rather than just you.
  • Don't take things personally, or too seriously. Everybody is just trying to have fun. This IS h2g2, after all, so keep your tongue firmly in your cheek and stay in the h2g2 spirit.

A little about RL me

First of all, let me say that I am a big fan of Adams' books and have been for years. I love the humour. Humour is a big thing for me - just read my posts to forums. I read extensively and have chosen not to have a TV in my life. In fact, I have not had a TV for about the last 20 years! I don't know when I would find the time to watch it. I love computer games and have played many in the past. I have not played many recent ones since I play at lunchtime at work and my computer has no sound card. I don't care for the shoot-em-up kind of game, preferring adventure games where you use your brain to solve problems. Recently, I have been playing text-based games, going back to old classics by Infocom (including Hitchhikers Guide!). I have played all of the text-based zork games and am working my way through the rest of Infocom's games.

I have been happily divorced for 2 years and have a 15 year-old daughter who lives with me.

Hey! I just found an entry on my home town: London, Ontario, Canada

Well, that's probably enough for now.


Here's a map of Crater Labs Inc, drawn by Asteroid Lil: Crater Labs Inc.

Here is a Mary Celeste page with a fairly credible explanation for the mystery: Mary Celeste

This is the link to the .pdf file that I downloaded for the Mary Celeste game (with the author's permission): Mary Celeste .pdf file

This link gives the names of the Mary Celeste's Crew

You can click here to see your Conversations.


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