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Welcome one, welcome all. I'm Afgncaap5, or Affy Person, or Affy or Affie. And if you guess my real name, I'll answer to that as well. I'm also the proprietor, creator, and co-owner of Crater Labs, Inc., a company that exists for any possible mad-sci or adventure gear needs.

Not much new's happenin', but I decided that it was time to update the main page. "Why?" I hear you ask. Well, simply put, the message that I was back after a year's absence was about a year old. I've decided to remove that as the main feature. Don't worry, though, you can still see the wrap up of "FACE's Races" that details my absence a little ways down the screen1. Anyway, time to talk about me, as seems to be the developping fad amongst researchers here at the Guide.

A little about me, Affy

I'm going to become self-inflated and egotistical for a few moments here. It's my page, I can do that. Anyway, while probably not one of the most prominant or noticeable of entities on h2g2, I've at least managed to get to the point that I'm at least known and recognized by people on h2g2 who are prominant and noticeable. Peta can pick me out of a crowd of newbies (not that she's around as much these days); The Post editors know me; I've been a friend of people at the Aroma Cafe, Joanna's Donut Stall, H2G2 Waterworks and Beach, and the H2G2 Space Centre for quite some time now; I was a staff member for The Celery's campaign platform during the virtual election of 2004 (and I'm a friend of the winner of said election).

Similarly, I've been somewhat involved in one or two noteable events in H2G2's history. For one thing, to this day I'll still claim indirect responsibility for the First Annual H2G2 Parade's existence23 Meanwhile, who else can say that they both founded the most prominant H2G2 League Of Supervillains, STUMPED4 while also playing a role as a founding member of H2G2's most prominent league of heroes, CHOPPERS5? Oh, and I made a little company called Crater Labs, Incorporated. CLI hasn't done much to be noticeable, but it's been noticed.

Now then, I'll try to stop being egotistical now. I don't like it when other people are, so I can only assume that they don't like it when I am. I will say this: h2g2 has one of the coolest histories ever. I talked about my involvement up there because those are some of the parts of h2g2 history that I know the best. Go out and talk to some of the other people who were members before the BBC takeover, and get them to talk about the early days of h2g2. You'll hear great stories of how people shaped their own tiny little corner of this virtual paradise. We've got heroes, villains, baseball teas, radio stations, island resorts, all because some people stood up to the plate. Everyone seemed to know everyone else, despite the ridiculously large number of people in attendance.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. Later!

FACE's Races

FACE's current entry
*FACE appears*

FACE-And the winner is....AMPTON! That's right, Ampton, the robot who wasn't really even on the quest, managed to win the first place prize! While everyone else hopped through time and space (going from a warehouse on Earth that was being used as the hideout for a band of supervillains to a castle that was flying through outer space while serving as the acting home of five mad scientists to the Galaxy's most inescapable prison located on a desolate little asteroid on the opposite corner of the Galaxy), Ampton just took a vacation, strolled up a mountain for an afternoon's hike, and found Affy bound and gagged! Amazing how things work, eh? Anyway, the show's over, but you can still purchase tapes and DVDs of the entire show for a reasonable price. Anyway, that's all for now. Untill next time, see ya later!

*FACE vanishes*

FACE's fourth entry
*FACE appears*

FACE-Okay, we're down to the final stretch if you ask me! Most have abandoned Dr. Greklas' Castle at A1063324 because the action is taking place at the Andromed Way Prison found at the Galactic coordinates A1074494. A good amount of the action is currently occurring in the Vash The Stampede Memorial Corridor, home to some of the most destructive characters ever captured! Two new characters may have very well joined the quest, because two of the destructive villains present are researchers, not creations! And, as you may be surprised to know, one of these researchers is the notorious STUMPED member NYC6! Anyway, the villains of this corridor (who along with the two researchers are KineSphere and the Stupid Little Robot) were told by the Robot Warrior of B.E.T.T.E. to kill the protagonists in exchange for a free trip off of the Asteroid.

Along with the action here, two adventurers are currently trapped in a zone of non-space courtesy of the Althian Bounty Hunter. Trapped in his Telekinetic Cribs, they've met a philosophical Lizard-Rat Thing who doesn't speak much, but definitely seems to know a few things about what's going on. Kudos the Alien was with these two adventurers, but he escaped due to a horoscope-related accident. Anyway, these three have each been interrogated by Stephanie the Baby-Sitter (backed as always by her partner Tusk), though she has yet to determine what to do with them.

While this is happening, the last cadre of protagonists at the Prison has taken a shuttlecraft to a Mesa on the surface of the planet. However, the Mesa Top is slowly opening, allowing something to come out! What could it be? Stay tuned to find out!

And finally, the little robot Ampton is currently climbing Mt. SandEverest. Two researchers have IRL noticed him and posted, indicating that they're watching his climb. Not really related to the Andromeda Way Prison trip, but since the two researchers are both at AWP it seems worth mentioning. That's all for now! Good luck, as the winner will most likely find Affy shortly!

*FACE vanishes*

FACE's third entry *FACE appears*

FACE-Well, it certainly appears as if things are getting interesting for the crowd. The adventurers have made it through the Castle of Dr. Greklas at A1063324, only to find that the scientists aren't quite as menacing as they at first seemed (evil yes, but menacing? Probably not at the moment at any rate). Aside from Kudos The Alien who is still stuck in The Arithmancer's Tower, all the other heroes and villains have by now made their way to the Dungeon of Dr. Harvey! The five scientists (Greklas, Harvey, Greg, Sartasmus, and The Arithmancer) have apparently joined forces in an attempt to destroy Afgncaap5, but have realized that their blending of strengths and weaknesses makes for a fairly potent power spread for other tasks. The current task that they're on? A jail break at The Andromeda Way Prison at A1074494! And who waits there? We'll find out. Now then, we've met Afgncaap5's descent, knick-named Afgncaap4 by Irving Washington....a daemon who disguised himself to look like Afgncaap5 (possibly Afgncaap% as a knick-name?) We've gotta be getting close to the real deal at this rate, right? Anyway, I've gotta get back to my Pad now. Don't forget, the contest is still open to anyone who thinks that they can find Afgncaap5! The previous stumbling blocks have all been destroyed by the groups before you, so it doesn't take too long to catch up! Five minutes of postings, and you to could be in the Dungeon.

*FACE vanishes*

FACE's second entry
*FACE appears*

FACE-Well then, the quest for Affy seems to be moving along fairly well! Jamie the Bounty Hunter quickly led everyone, STUMPED members and heroes alike, to the Coalition of Terror's headquarters at A1059743! There they battled Skip, the overlord of darkness; Avogadro, the clone of the chemist of the same name who attacked with his mol of moles and always spoke in third person; and VolTerror, a slightly more legitimate living electrical generator of a super villain! Now they're searching for Affy at the Castle of Dr. Greklas at A1063324! I recommend that you start in the Castle Grounds to see the Squid. Oh, and remember: the mysterious jewel of magic is still up for grabs to the first to find Affy! So far, the ratings are skyrocketing! Anyway, gotta get back to my pad. I'd bet that it's time to talk Thor down again. He gets kinda violent when he gets drunk.

*FACE vanishes*

FACE's first entry
*FACE appears*

FACE-Where has Afgncaap5 gone? What is he up to? Is he rolling in wealth, or in the hands of some cruel despot? Is he solving a puzzle, or sweating from pain? LET'S FIND OUT TODAY! First one to find Affy will receive this gem thing I have! Yeah, I know where he is. But hey, I'm a pan-dimensional being! Good luck! Oh, and you might wanna check Affy's most recent journal entry to get started. Heh-heh-heh....

*FACE vanishes*
1Under the header "FACE's Races" for those of you who need to know.2You see, while it was Irving Washington who organized it all, the PTB who made it official, and Douglas Adams himself who gave it a blessing, I was the one who suggested the idea to Irv. Okay, so maybe that's the lousiest connection ever....but the connection exists.3Though, to be quite frank, someone else probably would have thought of something without my involvement. If not a parade, then a party, or a dance or a shindig or a hootenanny or a box social or a football game or soemthing.4Sinister Thinkers Unleashing Multifarious, Pernicious Evil Deeds5Something Heros Opposing something something Evil Rats from STUMPED.6NYC was one of the original founding five members of STUMPED, an incredibly destructive villain who's main powers seemed to be the way that he could survive incredible damage and the fact that he could carry a seemingly limitless supply of guns and explosives.


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