Planet Odyssey

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Created by Anti-Afgncaap51, Planet Odyssey was designed with Universal Conquest in mind. Formerly a fairly dense asteroid belt in orbit around an all-but unknown sun, this planet and nearly everything in it was created with Anti-Affy5's experimental weapon that combines the the Vorticon technology of Tantalus Ray's with CLI's "Infinite Capacity" and "Digital Prison" technologies.

This planet comes with everything that a mad villain bent on Universal conquest could want. Elaborating might be fun, but that could ruin the surprise for visitors. Let's see, what harmless bit of info could be given....

Um....oh, this place isn't named for Arthur C. Clarke's Odyssey stories or for Greek Mythology. Instead, it's named for the console video game system that brought you "Pong." Enjoy!
1Explaining the whole story would cause you more pain than you not knowing.

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