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Departed: 23rd January 2012

Elvis Has Left the Building,
and B4 Has Followed Along

This page that used to be My Space for Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse is no longer active.

Why? Long story. Don't want to bore you to tears.

Simply remember me with fondness and--if you're in need of a chuckle to brighten your day--read some of the linked Journals, Articles, Poetry, and Short Prose left behind. Know in your hearts that I've had a marvelous time here with all of you, and I'll miss our interactions quite a bit. You folks are the one on-line community I was ever truly proud to be associated with because of your genuineness, your open sharing of ideas, your willingness to include ever more personalities to the group, your thought-provoking discourse, your odd sense of humor, your abounding imaginations, and your consistent application of good manners and “netiquette.” Hold onto all the best characteristics that have been your mainstay here, foster qualities that continue to bond this group of people together, and always exhort one another to even more worthwhile endeavors. Be the humans you were meant to be.

[And so, the portal to the sleek starship--the Heart of Gold--beckoned to the slight gentleman with the impossibly broad grin, and he turned to the waiting ramp, anticipating even greater adventures. The wind picked up, wafted his dun-colored trenchcoat open and ruffled his gray hair. He reached into his battered leather satchel, pulled out a pair of dark shades, put them on, and walked resolutely into the interior of the ship. The hatch slid closed with what seemed an inhalation of breath. There was a moment of stillness, then the ship simultaneously folded in on itself and flung itself in a myriad of different directions at once.]

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In November of 2002, I was trying to locate the "Starship Titanic" on the web and found this site. To my dismay, I also learned that our dear Douglas had passed away. I decided to stay and share whatever I could with the rest of y'all hoopy galactic travelers. smiley - towel My contributions thus far include an Article in the Edited Guide, detailing the rules for a dice game called Zonk!, and a varied selection of poetry on my H2G2 Personal Space, as well as in My Portfolio on the GetWriting site.Poet

Your Humble Researcher was born in the West German town of Wiesbaden, then became the adopted son of an American military man and his native German wife. I grew up in the USA on the Gulf Coast; first in Florida, then in Mississippi. A nerd smiley - silly by nature, I still managed to have friends throughout the school social structure. I was captivated by Douglas Adams' writings when a close friend of mine introduced me to them in our teenage years. I graduated High School (a few months later than most--don't ask!) with a modicum of my gray matter exercised and no real direction set for my adult life and livelihood.

Joining the US Air Force seemed like a reasonable alternative to little or no pay. I enlisted and enjoyed a 20-year career working on Telephone Switching Systems and Computers, traveling to exotic corners of the Galaxy such as: smiley - earth Florida (motorcycling), smiley - planet Germany (Volksmarching), smiley - mars Texas (water skiing), smiley - earth Florida (dodging hurricanes), and smiley - moon Iceland (hand me a blanket!). Somewhere in there (during the TX years, I think), I stumbled across the BBC audio broadcasts, and (later, during the FL reprise) bought the HHGTTG compilation and fell in love with the story all over again.

Three heavily protected bio waste workers working around giant yellow bio waste binAfter I retired, I worked for Marconi Communications (State-side appendage of the British company) until a round of lay-offs hit our department. It took almost a year before I got back into another career commensurate with my training, working at a nuclear power plant. (No, I haven't started to glow yet.) I’ve held several positions since then, ranging from Nuclear Utility Worker (glorified groundskeeper and janitor), to RadChem Helper (assisting the Technicians to mitigate the spread of radiological contamination), to training for six months to become an Assistant Equipment Operator (with line of promotion to Reactor Operator), to coming back to the Plant Helper department (to build scaffolds, do groundskeeping and snow removal, pick up and deliver parts, and--once again--janitorial duties). I waited eight years for a career as an Instruments and Controls Technician, maintaining electronic and pneumatic control equipment critical to Plant operational safety functions, and trained for 2-1/2 years. At one point, I failed a ground-fault troubleshooting exercise and washed out of the program. So…back to Maintenance Support as a Plant Helper. Less stress, a variety of jobs, and I get to continue as a "Jack-of-all-Trades and Master of None." Perhaps this ~is~ my niche…smiley - ok

Time/Space Continuum Wormhole Effect
The gangplank of the Heart of Gold starship stands open, beckoning you to embark. With its Infinite Improbablity Drive, what better way to track down Arthur Dent's and Tricia McMillan's slightly misplaced daughter. There may be many side-trips and odd stops along the way. And beware. "Here there be Tygers!" (with a cross-reference to Ray Bradbury, SF author)

Link to Lil's Atelier.Of all the places I’ve visited on H2G2, LIL'S ATELIER has always had the most consistently enlightening and entertaining conversations and interactions. If you’re looking for a laid-back place to hang out--with wonderful camaraderie, impeccable netiquette, and sumptuous virtual cuisine--then pull up a cushion in the Salon and join in the chat. You may even want to explore the other rooms and add to the character of the place [with Asteroid Lil’s approval] by installing furnishings to meet another lifestyle need. Be aware that Crater Labs, Inc., is just below the Atelier and some of the quirky adventures Afgncaap5 finds himself embroiled in have a tendency to insinuate themselves upstairs. It keeps things hopping.

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I've Found My 42-ism:
[(2+0-8)+(8x(4+2))] = 42

Have You found yours yet?
Check this Guide Entry by Argon0 for more info...

Keepers! Be One! Get One!
(Founded by Archangel Galaxy Babe and now maintained by Emmily)
Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse is the Keeper of those Little Bits Lost during Nuclear Fission, the Letter 'R' from the New England States, a Harem of Three Females (plus their pets), and all old Military Uniforms that should be thrown out--or at least Retired smiley - biggrin

Thingite. The Word Strikes Deep into Your Psyche.
(Hosted by Clive, an incredibly busy Thingite)
What is it? Who are they? How can YOU be assimilated?
Welcome to the slightly skewed world of the Clan Thingite. smiley - spork We have ways of making you laugh! smiley - laugh
Permit me to introduce myself. Early on at HooToo, I asked for the honorary title of "Executive Director of the Life B4 Thingite-ism Rehabilitation Center (where we help you shed all those old mundane worrisome insipid main-stream habits with a minimum of electro-shock therapy), and Holder of the Keys to the Loo. I'll take good care of You!" smiley - doctor
I didn’t do much with the authority or responsibility, so if you’ve got a hankerin’ for infamy and wish to take the reins of this post...well, post me...on my Personal Space. I’ll happily relinquish the key ring. After all, there are so many variegated entities that inhabit this site, it has become a matter of more than simply a choice of Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ rooms, if you take my meaning.
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Get yer Round TUITs here!
(Thanks to Master_B for the incentive to Play and Learn.) Start using ALL the Resources on H2G2! Maybe even 'dress up' your Personal Space to impress others...
DISCLAIMER: At one time, Master B had a nifty little pocket of HooToo space in which he offered to the public a clunky little graphics generator. He has since moved on, and the Beeb has closed his pages. I used the graphics editor to generate the mass of code you’ll see above and below this text entry to make the wee little Round TUIT and the equally small Hop TUIT. You can use your IE browser to “View” the “Source” code for this page. It’s a bit of a jumble, but I’m certain you’ll begin to see the patterns in the GuideML code. Then you’ll be able to fish out what you want, paste it into your Personal Space, and test it to see if it works. I know it’s a lot of work for a tiny graphic image, so weigh the cost benefit in time ~before~ you undertake the task. :DISCLAIMER

Version: 1.1
RA Y++(Yr-2002) N++(@) SB+(++)
A++ P+:- L- M-- s+
V++ E PR p<+++ a- B++ TV? r++
D>(++++) T nh! C+ m t-
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