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Some combs.

A comb is a device that can help you:

  • Make your hair look tidy
  • Untangle knotted hair, if used gently

A comb, while not being one of the most important items you may carry on you, is one of the few easy to carry luxuries. Because a comb is generally a flat, almost two-dimensional object, it is much easier to carry than a hair brush. The size could make a comb more difficult to find than a hair brush, but the grooming of one's hair is very rarely a life and death situation. Even if you are a fan of the comb-over hairstyle.

Because a comb can be a luxurious item when on the road, it is not recommended to use a small, black, extremely thin comb. These are a little harder to find, and may break more easily than a comb which is brightly coloured and thicker.

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