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Welcome to my humble abode. I have finally put together some sort of page. (Not much yet, but it will get better.) Please come in and take a look around.

Who is Lintilla?

Once, a long time ago, I was a talented young archaeologist. I granted permission for myself to be cloned. (Big Mistake.) Unfortunately, a later complication lead to the accidental creation of more Lintillas than I had originaly consented to in the cloning contract. A rather unpleasent solution has since been found, but I will not mention it unless it becomes necessary to do so. For those of you already familiar with the solution, the cloning company has assured me that I am safe since I am not a clone, but the original organic form. In the mean time, I have been forced out of the archaeological job market by, litereally, myself.
I now enjoy;

Where does Lintilla spend her time?

So far, my favorite places to frequent include;

  • The Aroma Cafe -A wonderful place filled with wonderful people.
  • The Towel Centre -My own little creation for hoopy, towel loving froods. You can also click on the picture at the top of this page to get there.
  • H2G2 Space Centre -A great place where I am The Head Officer of Personnel Regalia and Pan-Galactic Vesture. I also inhabit hanger #22 at the centre.
  • L'hotel Chrome -A great place to stop by and meet people. As well as the location of the H2G2 telegraph office.

I also like to visit;

  • H2G2 Statistics -Hey, I just like to know whats going on!
  • The Battersea Researchers Home -Please stop in and adopt a lost reseacher!
  • The Post -I really DO like to know what's happening!
  • The main H2G2 page -Just to check out new entries and the busiest forums.
  • "Survivor" -H2G2 version of the popular game show (a show I'm not a fan of in RL, but should be fun in the world of the Guide). I am the first paticipant in the fight for the million.
  • Some froods I know;

    • Redbeard -The really great, really helpful, and really tolerant researcher who first welcomed me to the guide. (and to whom I am eternally grateful)
    • Odradek, ox, and eatsmice. Just don't get the four of us together, unless you want one huge firework display!!!
    • NIngaui -The missing, miniature marsupial.
    • Phord -Friend with a terrible pain in all the diodes down his left side.

    Okay, the list was getting a bit long so I added this;

    ~More Hoopy Froods~Asteroid LilAuroraRedbeard (again)"and"eIrving Washington

      This little sign is for Ninguai when he returns. He has been missing for over a year and I found him at the Battersea Researchers Home. Ninguai, if you find this please drop me a note in the "Welcome Ninguai" forum at the bottom of this page.


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