They only come out at night... or in this case the daytime

This is my tree tell me yours...

My name is Zoƫ Bromelow, I am fifteen years old, female, and I live in England. I have brown eyes and very pale skin due to not going out enough. I have dyed black hair. Everyone says I'm a goth but I'm not. Naah. My page is boring because I can't be ... bothered* to learn any more HTML or GuideML. So no smilies or pictures or anything colourful at all, so there! And that tree thing? That was just me and Jo and Sarah being mad in Games and trying to hide from the teacher. I don't do that anymore, I've actually started liking PE.

I have a little sister called Rachael. It is naturally blonde, and no-one can figure out why. (She's not really as bad as I sometimes make out). It also has an ego the size of New South Wales.

You can never understand what's behind this face or mind...

AKA: Stuff I Like.

I'm a dangerously obsessive Harry Potter fan. My favourite TV shows are Buffy, Angel, Gundam Wing, Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons, Futurama, Card Captor Sakura and Tenchi Universe. I like Monty Python too. Unfortunately, I rarely actually watch TV. My musical tastes include Garbage *, Jack Off Jill, Hole, Savage Garden, Rasputina, Kittie, My Ruin, Switchblade Symphony, No Doubt, Placebo, The Cure, Stabbing Westward, King Adora, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple* and loads of other bands that I appear to have forgotten right now because I am, as has been pointed out, an idiot. I go to school with Jo, Lisa, Lizza, Marshall and Sophie.

Psycho Much?

There'sJo. She's left h2g2, but her page is interesting. She's done something awful to me but I don't blame her.

Marshall, who is cool because he makes me CDs. Yay.

Sophie, who has not been seen for about a year now.

Lizza, the wacky and wonderful!

Worthy, who (says he) thinks he's dead, or doesn't exist, depending on his mood. *shrug* I am not responsible for this psycho (however hard I try...)! He still has not returned. And I don't care. *glares*.

Tweetie, who's also a Buffy fan, and very cool.

Billian, my fellow Ash hater! Ash haters of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your Pikachus!

And here there is someone missing. It would be dumb to pretend I didn't care smiley - cry. But it's my fault. Again. I see pattern emerging.

Stuff I Like To Do

I am in a church choir, and the youth group for a different church. This is because of lots of bizarro things which have led me to being a complete loony who keeps nearly getting sent to the loony-bin (I'm not being strange here). "Lord Of The Flies" is all true, Kids in choirs are MEAN.

yes, I've put a picture in. Yes, I'm a liar. You knew that already, didn't you? *despairs at your naivity* I like writing stories. I can't write stories of my own, so currently I write a lot borrowing other people's characters in fanfic (usually Harry Potter). It's fun. It's pointless. Who cares? I don't. I also write very bad poetry, and very very very bad songs. I kind of play the guitar and viola, but I never practise anymore smiley - sadface


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