Brave New World

A blue heart
"So what you're saying is that I write poetry because underneath my mean, callous, heartless exterior I really just want to be loved," he said. He paused. "Is that right?"
Ford laughed a nervous laugh. "Well, I mean, yes," he said, "don't we all, deep down, you know... er..."
The Vogon stood up.
"No, well you're completely wrong," he said. "I just write poetry to throw my mean, callous, heartless exterior into sharp relief."


My screen name varies, week by week. But my real name is fairly constant. It's Jo. smiley - smiley

I am 14, I live in the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire. I go to Pate's Grammar School along with Zoe, Lisa and Marshall, who you'll find mentioned below, and Lizza, who you won't. My music taste includes everything from Garbage to Guns'N'Roses, Nirvana to No Doubt and a whole lot more besides. Makes no sense to me either. Full list supplied on demand.

More About Me
FULL NAME: Joanna Louise Salter

D.O.B: 08.07.87

FAVOURITE SONG: Star No Star - Jack off Jill

FAVOURITE BOOK: "His Dark Materials" Trilogy - Philip Pullman


AMBITIONS: Learn to play the drums before I'm 20 and stop being ugly.

BEST CHAT UP LINE: "I can introduce you to Lisa."

#1 CRUSH: Connor Powell, 9R, Pate's Grammar.smiley - loveblush

A Few People Who I Can Relate To
Go relate to them too.

Jimi X - Jimi doesn't seem to be around much anymore, but he invariably accompanies Menza in forums. I have spoken to Jimi on h2g2 for as long as I can remember being here.
Lisa - Lisa is my best friend from school. School is Pate's Grammar in Cheltenham. Here we devote our attentions to studying. Studying Miles and any other pretty piece of flesh we can lay eyes on.
Madmunk - Madmunk, more commonly known as Els, has abandoned h2g2 indefinitely. This is all very sad, however it doesn't affect me because I speak to him most days (most good days anyway) independently of h2g2. He rocks my world.
Marshall - Da da da.. I don't love you, you don't love me...
Menza - Menza is another person who I've spoken to practically since I joined h2g2. Well actually, since he joined. He is silly in the extreme, which is, of course, why he is my fwiend.
Zoe - Zoe is my other best friend from school. Together with Lisa and Lizza, we form the MJFC (Miles Jordan Fan Club). Formed in actual fact (get your tenses right, Jo) because Miles is leaving Pate's next year. I couldn't care less, unlike the rest of the members. Disillusioned!


"Makes no sense at all"

  • Who cares about calories? It's just another long word beginning with "C". Like contraception. That's not important. Much.
  • I don't expect anything. That way I can't be disappointed.
  • This is a perfect world, but we're not perfect people.
  • Obsessions aren't healthy. That intensity of emotion can't be kept up for any length of time. Eventually you have to compromise.

Contacting Me

I don't advise it. However, I hear some people enjoy pain...
Please e-mail me on [email protected]. If you have MSN Messenger, you can add me to your contact list. If I like you, I won't block you. Simple as that. smiley - smiley

Peace. Love. Empathy.

smiley - rose

Last sighted: 28.07.01


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