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We are going to be hunting around the forums to bring you the gossip of what is happening.

Bluebottle has started a club called NAVAL, nominally to rid himself of the group of 'Venus in blahblahblah's. He also aims to find out what gender they are, at least. Fish Killer is somehow involved, possibly as an ex of one of the Venii. We suspect that Bluebottle knows more than he's letting on. All the Venuses seem perfectly nice, whether they are females or otherwise. I hope I'm not the only one who is beginning to be freaked out by the whole business.

Judging by Ubiquitous' recent behaviour, there is something suspicious going on in his basement. He accidentally hinted that it had something to do with hidden bodies. He is very conscious about anyone going down there. This Gossip Gal will try and get a guided tour of the mysterious cellar and keep you posted.


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