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  • 06.12.99

    The first edition of the Post ever. This edition features a report on the h2g2 Christmas Party,

    the first ever Wowbagger Cartoon featuring Jim Lynn, some wind, and a bicycle,

    the 1-2-1 interview with Peta and lots of other goodies.

  • 13.12.99

    1-2-1 with 'Woman Lovingly Sculptured', the first Take5 looks at recently edited guide entries,

    a report on the Aces and Wowbagger also tackles Peta and the Aces.

  • 20.12.99

    1-2-1 with Mark Moxon, who also features in the Wowbagger cartoon.

    The first problem for Agony Aunt and the start of Collaborative Efforts.

    The Christmas Meet-Up report and a piece about John Ridgeway.

  • 27.12.99

    No 1-2-1, which was taking a Christmas Break, but Wowbagger sent a New Millennium greeting.

    Two reports from researchers about their holiday season, and the best requests to h2g2's Santa.

    Find out about Seti and laugh with Ormondroyd over goings-on at a football match.

  • 10.01.00

    1-2-1 with TV's Frink and Wowbagger discovers the real millennium bug in h2g2.

    The birth of The BooKNooK with a review of 'Dune' and Swiv starts her Romanian adventure.

    Loony feels rejected and Bluebottle starts the annual h2g2 bikini competition.

  • 17.01.00

    1-2-1 interviews Fairly Strange and Wowbagger gives Cherie Blair a hard time.

    The BooKNooK examines language in literature, The Cheese looks at h2g2 User Pages,

    This huge edition also includes articles on Elian Gonzalez, New Year in Russia,

    The Holistic Detective, The ICQ'ing researchers, a new football club and metrication.

  • 24.01.00

    1-2-1 catches Mark Moxon again, Wowbagger celebrates with the Post and starts his h2g2 Life series.

    We hear from Dave, the American intern at the Towers, Shazz visits the Towers,

    Monsy finds out about categorisation from the Towers staff... a Towers edition!

    Marv invites you to church, Sporky reviews The Thomas Crown Affair (both versions)

    and Vegiman tells us about his Guinea the pig experience.

  • 31.01.00

    Teaserman explains all in the 1-2-1 and Wowbagger covers chicken stock and loading times.

    The Virtual Mayor is revealed as Ms Fenchurch, readers vote for the worst pop group,

    Pastey finds a good external web site, the first poem appears in The Post courtesy of Bluebottle

    and The Cheese highlights the h2g2 obsession with doughnuts/donuts.

  • 07.02.00

    1-2-1 with Sam, an editor who could have helped Wowbagger with his spelling problem!

    We visit the 'Dome'. have a bizarre conversation with a computer, hear from New Zealand,

    meet our new Mayor and eavesdrop on a researcher's diary.

  • 14.02.00

    The Valentine's edition with your messages, some love quotes and yet more from the Mayor.

    Wowbagger has fun with Barbie, cools off virtually and is the victim of 1-2-1.

    Three articles tackle scandals and rumours and Ormy waits in vain for a card!

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