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Posted: 31st January 2000

Welcome to edition 8 of the Post.

Have you ever thought about taking a foreign holiday? A very foreign holiday? An American real estate tycoon is so sure that space hotels will orbit the moon within a few years that he has bet $500m on the prospect. Robert Bigelow, of Las Vegas, believes that, in 15 years time, space fans will be boarding commercial space shuttles for holidays. His company... Bigelow Aerospace, formed last March, has 17 employees working to privatise space travel.

Mr. Bigelow expects the fares to cost around $500,000!
See you there then... and don't forget to pack the Guide!

On a more down-to-earth note (or is it?), please do consider making someone's day on 14th
February by posting up your Valentine message. All offerings considered (keep them clean
though please) and don't forget to enter our artwork competition. So, get those pens and
brushes(!) out and get weaving.

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    or content, or you have a few moments to spare and wish to proof read
    for a fellow researcher, this is the place.

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