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Information on how it got started

Field Critic FAQ

My Two Pennuth

Soon Anyone can start a fun run of their own - Just get four pages written by four different writers and follow the instructions (soon to be posted)

At this time if you have an article you wish to put into a Fun Run then click here. I will look forward to your response.

Hi and welcome to the Critique Fun Run Page. The h2g2 team like an article to be read by as many Reseachers as possible before it is plonked on their desk. If it is reviewed and revamped from suggestions of other writers it makes life a little easier for (Sub)Editors to just read an article without having to re-write and perhaps losing the individuallity of the original writers personality.

The Team

  • vegiman:-) is a researcher like yourself and not part of the h2g2 team but is the originator of the Fun Run (Inspired by Zachsmind). I like to be there to help anyone find their way around h2g2 especially Newbies.

  • Jim Lynn (h2g2's PR) also affectionately known to many reseachers as God of h2g2 (No Blasphemy intended) is in charge of making h2g2 run smoothly. This includes updating the programing that has made this such a great site. He is open to any suggestions that improve h2g2 whatever they may be from editorial to reshaping the site, but as he says:
    'I have the final say'

    so if he says no - he means it.

  • Yoz (h2g2's PR) is always available to answer any questions to new and old researchers, thats his job.

  • Mark Moxon (h2g2's Editor) is always available to listen to any new ideas for articles and help wherever he can, when his busy schedule allows. He is also in charge of making up the h2g2 Front/Home Page and is always on the look out for bright new ideas

Utilizing your various skills

You can help fellow researchers get their pages right. Don't worry if your engish is not up to scratch - just point out what you like and dislike about an article - there are always others who can correct grammar if it is required. You never know you may be contacted to become a PEER (SUB) EDITOR if you do a good job of reviewing what you see.

How Do You Start

One forum is set at the bottom of each page to be reviewed and titled Review (title of page). The first posting on this forum should contain the link to the next page to be reviewed. This is the forum you put your review - Do not read other's reviews. Once you have posted your review you may join in any discussion on other reviews which may help the article in question. There are no rigid rules and if you think another review was unfair and wish to point this out - do so.

Below are some guidelines which may help you set out your review:


This is where you want to help the writer with Grammar, Spelling, Article Content (things you like/things you don't like), Suggestions Etc.

Please remember there is no reason to be insulting. If you find you feel strongly about something or feel it is insulting - that is the time you are likely to get emotional and write something insulting in return without meaning to - try to refrain from this. Thank You

2)Add Info

If you have some additional information that you think will enhance the page you are visiting, and you don't mind the researcher using it to better their page, this will be the forum to do it in.

Now that Reference linking is available, perhaps researchers will be able to attribute the source of the information you supply.

3)Rating The Page

Jim Lynn has indicated that he could work on some form of Marking or Point System where pages could be rated. Once it reaches a certain mark it would be passed on, as it were (marked urgent), to an editors desk.

At the end of your review put a rating of the article you read. It will have to be physically added up. It would be good if it automatically added itself up and posted the current total to the page. Over to you Jim.

You are asked to just put in the rating you feel the page deserves.

It should be a rating from 1 to 10 - any other rating will be disreguarded and nullified. I suggest you give a top rating of eight with a lower end rating of two. This way you will have leeway to give higher marks to a page you later find excellent and lower to a page you really don't like.

There are normally 4 to 5 participants for each fun run and how you do the run is up to you.

Now to get started:

Follow the links on the pages and follow the instructions along the way.


For those of you who haven't done this before:

Click on the names of the articles above (not the names of the writers - this will send you to their home pages) with the RIGHT mouse button. When the options appear click on open new window. Once this has loaded click on the " |_| box" (to be found at the top right hand corner of the screen. Just repeat the proccess for the other pages.

When loaded you can go offline and read the pages at your leasure by clicking on them at the bottom of your page. Take notes of what you want to say and the rating you wish to give.

Once this is done you can come back on line to this page and follow the links.

More Simply: Follow the links and do it as you go. It is best if you read them twice before starting to critique.
You do not have to make an entry in each forum. You could make an entry in just one or two for each page. If you are not the kind of person who is able to criticise another's work easily, then post your views and remarks honestly, (they can be serious or witty, just be yourself) on the relative forums.

If you have a page in a Fun Run it does not bar you from participating - just put a blank response in the forums on your page, so it logs onto your home page.

Some Pages may have a text area/editor you can take notes in. There you will be able to write your review as you are reading the article. once done you can highlight the text and copy it to the review forum.

I.E. make sure the cursor is flashing in the text area/editor To Highlight either click the left mouse button 3 times quickly in succession

or press keys Alt and E together then press A.

To Copy press keys Control and C together.

Now click on Submit Review. Click onto the text area as if you are about to write to the forum but instead press keys Control and V together.

Voila! You have copied and pasted your review. Now click send and get ready to see what others have written before moving on to the next page.

This way to the THE FUN RUN PAGE

1Tip:You can download all the pages and read them offline (Cuts the telephone bills)

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