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When Vegiman first got the Field Critic Fun Run1 going, it was anticipated that only a few articles would be looked at by a few interested people, and that something else might then arise to take the Fun Run's place. What's actually happened instead, of course, is that the Fun Run worked so well that "field criticism" has become an accepted part of life on the 'Guide.

If you want an article appraised, it's a great idea to get other people to look at it. If you haven't been here long enough and don't have enough familiar contacts (or if you don't trust the familiar contacts you already have to give you an unbiased appraisal!), you can notify us - we write all the time, and we edit even more! The POSTresearchers have the means and the practice to assist you to improve your writing style, or to find additional information to complete that elusive article, should you need it, and are happy to offer their services to the 'Guide community.

If you are writing an article, and either want some help searching for facts, or just someone to proof read it for you, then this will be the place. There are plenty of researchers out there who are willing to help, so just post your article details here and they'll go over and comment.

If you've already had your article appraised, and you want to put it in the Critique Fun Run, head over to the "Never ending Edit" page, and submit the text to our waiting editors, who will give it the once over for spelling and grammatical errors before commending it to Vegiman.

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1Subsequently the Critique Fun Run as it became a more accepted and hence sophisticated way of dealing with h2g2 proto-articles.

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