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Okay, here's this weeks list.
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Deano (Keeper of lemonade)

Please could you look at my guide entry. I have had virtually the whole H2G2 team running around after me because nobody could decide if my poem was an emotional description (fiction) or an entry for a dictionary (fact). They seemed to think that it was midway between the two and therefore, would not approve it. It was suggested that I let you have a read and ask you to make some comments. All I want is for someone who know's what they are talking about to tell me if my poem is a piece of trash, a master piece, or something in the middle. Thanks, Deano.

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I am very,disappointed not to be given the opportunity to read DNO's poem. I take it that the something that he refers to was "..if my poem is a masterful piece of trash"

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so what was or is blake's 7

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A sci-fi show about a group fighting to free earth from a corrupt govenment.

Well yes but it was more than that its greatest strength was its characterisation.
They did not always win.They could die (and did often)* they argued,
they did not fall in love every week,and they never looked like beating the federation.
It was a bit like star trek only british it had humour but never sillyness.It had something special...


It was created by TERRY NATION the man who created the daleks for doctor who and the sci-fi show survivors for the BBC.He wrote the first season himself the only time this as happend in a drama series,but J,M,STRACZYNSKY did write more episodes in a row of babylon 5.

So to tell the story of blake's 7 it is best to tell you about the characters, so here goes!

ROJ BLAKE: A freedom fighter. Fighting against the federation a totalitarian goverment( THE BAD GUYS ).who drug the population to keep order.
(season 1 and 2)

KERR AVON: The second best computer genius in the federation.Quote"WHOS THE BEST THE MAN WHO CAUGHT HIM"
Avon never liked blake and often let him know it.
(season 1 - 4)

JENNA STANNIS: A pilot and smuggler she was close to blake and stuck buy him.
(seasons 1 and 2)

OLAG GAN: The gentle giant he was strong but could not kill anyone as he had a implant in his head.
(season 1 and 8 episodes season 2)

CALLY: A telepath from the planet auron she was a clone exiled from her people she could talk in someones mind but could not read what they say.
(season 1-3)

VILLA RESTAL: A thief and a coward but the best locksmith ever he could open any lock in a hour or if his life was in jeopardy a few seconds.often the but of the jokes.quote "THEY WENT FOR YOUR WEAKEST POINT...OOH MY HEAD" or"THE FIRE WAS STUPID PUTTING VILLA ON GUARD WAS SUICIDAL".
villa was the nearest thing avon had to a friend.
(season 1-4)

THE LIBERATOR AND ZEN: This was the name of the ship and its on board computer it was the most powerful ship known,with a self repare built in.
It was a bit strange and uncooperative at times.
(seasons 1-3)

The 7 of them join up in episode 4 but only avon and villa stayed till the end.Blake did return for the last story and GARETH THOMAS who played him was in the last episode of season 3.

SERVALAN: To start with she was just travis's boss but became a thorn in avons side.She became one of the best female sci-fi villans of all time.
(season 1-4)

TRAVIS: He was blake's main enemy.Blake had shot him and left him for dead but they rebuilt him,with a bionic eye and a arm that had a gun built in.He hated blake and wanted him dead more when he wanted to live.
(season 1 and 2)

Together they fought the federation,led by servalan and pursued by travis.

The show ran for four years,blake only stayed two.But without him it took on a new life.Avon took over still fighting the federation but he was more for him self what's in it for me.

As one left overs took over there were of course,

ORAC: The supercomputer that could gain excess to any other computer but only if you asked it nicely.

DAYNA MELLANBY: Weapons specialist and gun maker also good at hand to hand combat.

DEL TARRANT: Ex federation pilot often on the wrong side of a arguement with avon.quote"TARRANT'S IDEA OF DIPLOMACY IS BREAKING SOMEONE'S LEG THEN SAYING LEAN ON ME".

SCORPIO AND SLAVE: Unlike the liberator scorpio was falling to bits its on board computer was always sorry for something.

SOOLIN: A hired killer fast with a gun she had killed the people that had killed her family.

To me blake's 7 was the best british sci-fi program ever made.And i don't say that lightly i have seen most of them.

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blake's7 started on the 2th of january 1978 it was the same night star wars opened in london it was a good day for sci-fi.

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It is about April Fools' Day and was hoping that some people could give me things that aoppear in newspapers on this day.

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Deano (Keeper of lemonade)

Sorry, I deleted it because nobody seemed to want to read it so I decided myself to delete it as a guide entry. You can read it on my user page if you still want to. Would appreciate some guidence from an expert!

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Comments on running water, anyone?

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Pete - Researcher: 119100.


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A what?

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PLEASE write some decent articals about authors!

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