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  • 01.05.00

    h2g2 celebrates it's birthday... and Wowbagger provides the cake,
    but the 1-2-1 with

    God Almighty reveals very little!

    The Wonderful h2g2 Parade is reviewed, Tech-no-babble and the Film Society are born
    and Keeza peruses about work.

    We learn about Starchaser and light pollution.

  • 08.05.00

    We say a sad goodbye to Wowbagger who signs off with a cartoon about Abi
    and the infamous ROLFAMX h2g2 Life.

    Monsy interviews herself in the 1-2-1, Loonytunes drops names and Linus plays pub cricket.

    We hitch hike with Superchris and travel to Cambodia with
    Down My Lane,

    the first of his series.

  • 15.05.00

    Stragbasher submits to 1-2-1, but the big feature is the Birthday Meet write-up... with pictures!

    The BooKnooK looks at 'Far Horizons' and Shorty sounds off about Rover and BMW.

    Pastey reports on h2g2 changes and Loonytunes asks if there are any English players left.

  • 22.05.00

    1-2-1 grills Baron Bear Slide and Greebo enthuses about playing Pooh Sticks.

    Cream the group is examined, the 'Elian Gonzalez' saga continues, as does the Cambodian adventure,

    and Dr Who returns!

  • 29.05.00

    Shazz hides, but Monsy still corners her for the 1-2-1 interview

    We learn all about 'Julia Butterfly Hill' and the book 'Sundiver' is given the BooKnooK treatment.

    Insomnia, a brainy bra, war on the sidelines, Kenny Everett and more recipes also appear.

  • 05.06.00

    Crusader reveals all in the 1-2-1 and Pastey ponders on the DNA publicity campaign.

    Down My Lane tells of the Killing Fields of Cambodia and rumours fly about an h2g2 upgrade.

  • 12.06.00

    Oh dear... 1-2-1 catches Pastey before he takes a break to prepare for his wedding.

    We enthuse about motor bikes, review 'Battlefield Earth' and examine the h2g2 'drinkies'.

    h2g2 changes skin to Alabaster and Necro muses on the changing nature of science.

  • 19.06.00

    Mayor Fenchurch is the 1-2-1 victim, just in time for the start of the
    Virtual Prez of h2g2 campaign.

    We have features from Tanzania, Cambodia and The Arctic Circle... wear warm clothes!

    BooKnooK looks at 'Poor Things', we learn about Korfball and the George Fideaux Awards.

  • 26.06.00

    1-2-1 with Demon Drawer, big vehicles for cold conditions and a canal trip with Joanna.

    A solution is suggested for the English Football Team and the Cambodian journey continues.

    Dave Allen the comedian, an alcoholic recipe and more news on the Virtual Prez race.

  • 03.07.00

    We meet Stainless Steel Rat in the 1-2-1, Peter Gabriel and Genesis, and mourn for Joey Dunlop.

    We try camping in the Antarctic, visit Tomorrow's World and Wat Ounalom and Wat Phnom.

    Four Virtual Prez hopefuls issue their campaign statements and the Rogues Gallery begins.

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