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Posted: 1st May 2000

First this week we have the good news!

My dear Webthing has a new
job. Well, a new paying job anyway. The whole time he has been an integral part of h2g2, he has been one of the unemployed. This has always been a great bonus for h2g2, not to mention the Post, as he has been able to devote a fair proportion of his time to being the helpful 'Webthing' we all know and love. Things will change but, luckily, not too drastically! Ironically I can now really call him 'Postey' as that is his new job. 'Postey
... I better not do any 'Postman Pat' jokes here, but they are sure to start featuring around the fora! (Apologies to overseas readers for the obscure reference to a British Childrens' TV programme!) So, the upshot of this is that he will be rising with the
dawn at 3am. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you cry! The only problem we can foresee is that working on the Post will no longer be mine and Pasteys' date for Sunday night. Many times, in the past, he and I have sat in front of our computer screens until well after midnight to bring you the latest, exciting edition of the Post. This will have to change! Not only would a late night mean that a proportion of Ipswich would suffer from incorrectly delivered mail, but also he would never get to spend quality time with his soon-to-be-wife, Anne.

Pastey is busy setting up a complete Office Suite for the Post at the moment (more ammunition for weak puns!) which should, hopefully, make it much easier for all you contributors out there to contact us and submit your articles. The publication time is still under negotiation but, in the meantime, could I request that any copy destined for print should reach us no later than noon on Saturday. I will leave you whizz-kids to work out the time differences, but one new feature of the 'Post Office' will be a fine-tuned 'Office Clock' telling you what time Pastey and I are actually online.

And now for something completely different...

This weeks silly story:

The worlds oldest Hot Cross Bun, baked in London in 1828, is
being sold at an 'Antiques for Everyone Fair' in Birmingham, England. It is expected to sell for £150.00!

Space News:

A spectacular view of an exploding star has been released on a web site launched to mark the Hubble Space Telescopes' 10th year in orbit. The multi-coloured fireball, from a dying star, is 6,500 light years away from earth in the constellation Aquila. It provides a vision of what is in store for our own sun about 6 billion years from now... no need to start panicking just yet then people! In the meantime, you can glimpse the explosion at: The Hubble Site

Science News:

Authors nominated for the scientific world's equivalent of the 'Booker Prize' have been shortlisted to seven. A total of 117 entries were submitted for the £10,000 General Prize of the 'Aventis Prizes for Science Books 2000'. The shortlist

  • 'A Brief History of the Future'... about the internet
  • 'The White Death'... giving a history of tuberculosis
  • 'The Elegant Universe'... which speaks for itself!

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 23rd May at the Science Musuem in London.

Quotes of the Week:

'I go to parties, but I don't drink. I used to go out for an hour and end up out for a week!'

Novelist Molly Jong-Fast on her former drinking days.

'I already have a tombstone. I haven't thought of an epitaph yet, but I am considering something along the lines of... I'd like a second opinion...'.
Tom Baker... former Dr Who actor.

Why don't you pop along to the Obit pages and add your own obituary!

And finally... was it something I said? The launch of Atlantis has been delayed until Mid-May due to adverse weather conditions!


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