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By now, all of you regular h2g2 people will have noticed the new 'Ask h2g2' 'Life, The Universe And Everything' browsing guide to h2g2. I expect that you, as I, have gone through it, looking for anything interesting and seeing if you can locate all of your approved entries. We all admit that it is a good idea, and it works well.

It works so well, that now So Long,
And Thanks For Laughing
h2g2's Joke Directory, has adopted the same system to list all of it's jokes. Yes, they are split into:

  • 'Life'... which contains jokes about Animals and Humans.
  • 'The Universe'... which essentially contains jokes about the Earth, as there aren't that many place jokes, and of course, the weather, which is a joke in itself.
  • 'And Everything'... which literally has a joke about, well, everything really... and a lot of them.

And that's not all, as now the directory's going interactive. There is a new 'Newsletter' to sign up to, and learn when new jokes are added, and a 'Discussions Thread' where you can say what your favourite jokes in the directory are. In other words, it's well worth a visit.

So... go and visit! You'll be thankful for the chance to laugh


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