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Posted: 8th May 2000

I have to start this edition of the Post with the worst news imaginable. My great friend, and brilliant cartoonist, Wowbagger, has told me that, due to increased commitments at work, he will no longer be able to provide us with the brilliant one-offs and h2g2Life. I know, through all the feedback which I receive from you, that the 'Wowbaggers' are one of the highlights of the Post. We will miss you Wowbagger! I don't know if I have entirely forgiven you for exaggerating my nose when you include me in your work,but then, looking in a mirror, I suppose it is justified!

Are there any budding/keen/experienced cartoonists out there in h2g2 land who fancy having a go at the weekly cartoon? If so, please contact either myself or Pastey with your details. Having an ICQ programme installed and working helps, but isn't essential!

Onto to something more cheerful then!

This weeks' (not so) silly story:

Real Ale lovers toasted 'National Mild Day' with the news that brewers across the UK are reporting a revival of the traditional beer. Research by CAMRA... The Campaign for Real Ale... showed that one third of mild producers are increasing sales of the beer. All across England yesterday CAMRA organised pub crawls and festivals to celebrate the day! Own up who has a hangover then! (Me... Pastey!)

Interesting News

Moves are underway to rebuild a stretch of the 2,000-year-old Great Wall of China. Around three miles in Inner Mongolia are to be renovated over the next five years.

Science News

The icy South Pole was once warm with tropical rainforests, geoscientists have concluded. 30 scientists have spent two months aboard a drill ship, digging up dirt from beneath the sea bed 375 miles (600km) south of Tasmania. Researchers said that the material gathered proved rainforest covered Antarctica about 40 million years ago. The continent cooled after breaking from Australia, to which it was originally joined.

Who Luvs Ya Baby?

The Love Bug computer virus infected four classified US military systems! The Pentagon admitted the security breach, but said there were no reports that it had infected military operations. It was unclear how the virus penetrated the classified computers, which use special fibre-optic lines and terminals designed to prevent virus infection... I wonder which employee was all excited about getting a love letter then! Meanwhile, Philippines police said that they were awaiting a judges warrant to arrest a man for creating the Love Bug!

Quotes of the Week

'I am sorry Mr. Jenkins, we only have Benson and Hedges'

Reported remark by a waitress in a Welsh restaurant to Lord
Jenkins of Hillhead
when he asked for asparagus tips.

'Listen, Bill Shakespeare and I both write for a living'
Top screenwriter William Goldman.

That is all for now... please enjoy this 22nd edition of the Post!


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