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This week is going to be a little different when it comes to the 1-2-1
interview. Normally the person asking the questions is having them answered
by someone else but, due to technical difficulties, (nobody sent in their
answers to the questions I sent them after they agreed to being
interviewed) this is not to be the case this week. This week, the one
asking the questions will be answering them as well. So sit back and find
out a little more about
ME (monsy).

After reading this interview perhaps those responsible for your torture
this week will step forward and honour me with responses to the questions
I have sent them LOL!!

I was raised in the military, so I found myself being in lots of different
places depending on what year it was. Among the spots I was fortunate
enough to see were Ethiopia and Germany. I am grateful for the opportunity
to see so many different regions of this wonderful planet of ours, and
always feel sorrow for those who have never made it out of their own 'back
yard'. They just don't know what they are missing and tend to wind up with
a very one-sided outlook on life.

At the moment I reside in a quaint little town called Gardendale where the
people are friendly and the streets are clean. It is a lot like those
television shows you see where everything is like a dream. Very few of us
have ever locked our doors; potted plants and benches can be placed on the
sidewalks throughout the town without fear of them being stolen as soon as
your back is turned. Neighbours are ready and willing to help one another
out whenever the need arises, and never expect anything in return. The
occupants of this fine small town take great pride in their yards and
streets (hence the name Gardendale) and spend a great deal of time making
sure that everything is picture perfect.

Enjoying this wonderful town with me are my two daughters, my son (when he
can make it for visits) and my lovely husband
(Fairly Strange)
. Along with the humans in my household you can find 3 dogs, one cat, a
ferret and too many goldfish in the outdoor pond to count. We spend our
time away from work with each other, enjoying working in our yard or
relaxing by taking drives to anywhere just to see what we can see. During
the summer, when we are able to get away for a vacation, we enjoy going
camping and getting away from all the technology (well most of it anyway,
we do have teenage girls LOL!!) for a bit.

At the moment, I work as an office manager for a small business. I have
been there for the past four years, but my dream is to be able to spend my
time at home taking care of my family and working with my art as this is
what I love more than anything else. Call me a bit old fashioned, but I am
having great difficulty in juggling a full time job and a family and see
nothing wrong with staying at home and devoting my time to making sure my
family is taken care of in the way that I think they should be.

Ok, let's see... How I found my way to h2g2... my husband was reading
through our local paper one day and found a write-up about a new site by
Douglas Adams dealing with the Earth Edition of the Hitchhikers
Guide to the Galaxy
and, being a great fan of his books, he just had to
see what it was all about. He had introduced me to these books a few years
back and I loved them, but was never much for internet communities so I was
not as open to joining as he was. It took him a couple of weeks just to get
me to sign up and then about another month before I really did anything
with my page. Once I did finally begin to 'get my feet wet' I was hooked...
one of the first people to greet me was the great
MadMunk, he
showed me the ropes, so to speak, and was always there when I needed a
helping hand. If it wasn't for him and my husband I would probably still
have one of those pages that resembles a graveyard at midnight LOL!!

Since being here I have had the pleasure of watching this wonderful site
grow and improve. When I first joined everything was new and everyone was
still learning 'which end was up'. In the short time that has passed from
then 'till now I think that the PTB have done a wonderful job of making
this site 'sticky'. I mean where else can you go and have a serious
conversation one moment and the next be worshipping a brownie? It is
hysterical and absolutely fantastic. If you are curious about something all
you have to do is pop into h2g2 and I can just about guarantee that you
will find someone here with answers to your questions. The researchers on
this site are the friendliest I have seen anywhere, there is no need to be
terrified that some crazy is loose in the site ready to wreak havoc. Sure,
there have probably been one or two who have joined that fit that
description, but they do not stick around long. Once they begin looking
around, they find that this is not the place for that behavoir and leave.

It is amazing to see all the talent in this site. We have researchers who
are great cartoonists, those who understand science/history and so on
beyond my comprehension, researchers with writing skills that are
unbelievable and imaginations that are somewhere off the scale. Nowhere
else would you be able to go and see so many different personalities and
skills all in one place.

If I were to be able to change one thing about h2g2 I don't know what it
would be. All the things I thought needed adding or improving upon so far
have been done or are in the process of being done. I am sure there is
something I would like to see changed, but right now I just can't think of
what it would be. I guess that means that, in my opinion, they are doing a
great job and I trust them to continue doing so.

Hmmm... what is the funniest thing that I have seen so far on h2g2? Well,
that would have to be a tie between two pages... there was the time that I
attempted to spruce up my page a bit and managed to turn it into a giant
link to nowhere and then there is the time that my lovely husband tried to
do the same thing and ended up with... well, we are not real sure what he
ended up with but you can go
and take a look for yourself LOL!! I must say that GuideML has been quite a
unique experience for me and it is amazing what can happen when you either
leave out something or add one too many of something else LOL!!

Ok, I cannot think of anything else to talk about right now, so I will
close this unusual interview with the hopes that those of you (and you know
who you are LOL!!) who are supposed to be sending me responses to my
questions do so post haste. Otherwise you may be tortured by another one of
these odd one-sided conversations again in the near future hehe!!


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