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Yes, I bet that was quite an experience for... Oh, I'm sorry readers, I did not see you standing there. I was just sitting here having an enjoyable chat with one of our local researchers. My
friend, here, is quite the conversationalist. Perhaps you would like me to have my dear friend begin at the beginning, so that you may all hear the tale? But, before we do that, let me introduce you all properly; researchers, this is the infamous Teaserman... Teaserman, these are the researchers. Now, if you could be so kind as to begin from the beginning, I am sure everyone here would be quite interested in hearing a bit about you and your adventures through
the forums.

Well Monsy, it started when I was a small child... for the most part I led a rather normal,
one might say ordinary, childhood. My mother and father were happily married, though that is
not to say they didn't have their fair share of arguments. I grew up in a small town with two
brothers, one older and one younger than myself. Being the middle child, I often found myself
either too young or too old for the games my brothers enjoyed. As for friends of my own, I did
not have many, so I had to make do with entertaining myself for the most part. This was not
entirely bad, though, as it helped to nurture my imagination, which would come in handy later
on in life.

At the age of 14 my father passed away, leaving me to find someone, or something else, to
serve as a role model. When I discovered h2g2 and its kind residents, it seemed to fill that
void for me. This is somewhere I feel I can come to and not have to worry about whether or not
I am accepted; everyone here accepts everyone else for who they are, and do not take it upon
themselves to judge anyone.

After being here for a time, I noticed that the lovely Peta was looking for volunteers for a
new group now known as the Aces. While looking for researchers to give freely of their time in
helping to make new researchers feel welcome, she had a sort of contest going to find a name
for this new group. One of the names on the ballot was Teasers, I liked the idea (and this
name in particular) so much that I adopted it and began my quest.

What quest is that you may ask? (As if any of you don't know by now.) That quest was, and
still is, to buzz every forum in h2g2 at least once. This has been a difficult task but I find
myself enjoying it a great deal.

So far the only negative response I have had was due to my own over excitement, I was greeted
by an Ace and decided to begin my quest by buzzing every one of his conversations. This did not
work out as well as I had hoped, and I decided it best that I rethink my strategy a bit. This is how I
came to decide on only buzzing one conversation in every forum. I also thought this to be a
wise move on my part, as there are thousands of people out there that know an awful lot more
about computers than I do. I did not want to find myself in some nasty situation as a result
of irritating one of them. Since then, I have found the researchers to be quite receptive to
me, which is good as I do not wish to upset any of them, only make them smile.

I did find myself puffing up with pride a bit the other day when I stopped by Peta's page for
a quick buzz and noticed that my reputation had proceeded me. Upon arriving at Peta's page I
found that JimiX had been there a few moments before! He had left my introduction from my
homepage copied and pasted onto a new discussion titled 'Check out this crazy researcher!' I
guess this means that you all like me, you really like me!! I am sure there are some of you
out there that might suggest I am 'mad' for attempting this, but I am always reminded of the
tale about a man determined and a town who said 'It couldn't be done'. Like this man, I too
will not say so until I've tried.

I have been asked by more than a few people about my plans once my 'mission to buzz' is
complete, and to this I respond by telling them I have a list of 3 things which I will
definitely do...

  1. See a psychiatrist
  2. Wait a few days
  3. Buzz the hundreds of new forums that were created while I was having my head shrunk by a

Hmmmmm... I might also think about one day, maybe, getting an actual social life.

Well, there you have it 'in a nutshell' so to speak. Thank-you for indulging me in my
mission, and I hope to see you in the forums soon .

Why thank-you, Teaserman. I am sure that everyone will be looking forwards to a visit from
you real soon and, until we speak again... Happy Buzzing!


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