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Posted: 20th December 1999

With Christmas here and 'The Millennium' just around the corner -
we are told by the h2g2 team to expect many new projects to appear
in the year 2000 - We look forwards to them and wait with baited

Last week Jimi X reported on the missing 'fish' - They are still
missing, as well as many pictures on Researchers Home Pages. I have
also been affected. The fish were held on the 'Geocities' site; mine
were held on the 'Fortunecity' site. It seems that these sites have
incorporated a very clever piece of software to restrict the
requests from offsite servers!

I will have to look for another site to put my pictures on - If you
have a similar problem, do remember the POST will be only too
pleased to host your gifs. For those of you who visit my page - I
must apologize for the lack of pictures. Christmas is very busy for
a Vegiman and I will put my page to rights in the New Year, when
time will be at less of a premium.

I, on behalf of the POST team, wish you all a very Happy Christmas
and Prosperous New Year.


This week also sees the launch of the Think Tank. Follow the link
from our regulars section to find out what it's about.

  • 1-2-1 Interview

  • As last week's edition of the Post was being prepared, I had the good
    fortune to meet with 'Woman', last week's interviewee. Also at the
    same get together was Mark Moxon, the Editor for h2g2. This week you
    can find out all about him.

  • Take 5

  • Each week there are twenty five new Approved Guide entries added to
    the list. Here we round up this weeks best additions.

  • Agony Aunt

  • h2g2 is not a 'normal' community, it doesn't have 'normal' problems,
    therefore a 'normal' Agony Aunt would be useless. Ours is far from

  • h2g2... Wowbagger

  • Our resident cartoonist has come up with another topical drawing
    for you, it's a biggy, but really worth it!

  • The ACE's

  • The Assistant Community Editors. Volunteers, like ourselves, that
    have given over some of their spare time for a worthy cause. This
    week we take a look at how they were recruited.

  • In the News

  • There was a press conference at TDV on Thursday, and the inevitable
    articles in some of the papers on Friday. But what did they say?

  • A Thought for Christmas

  • Christmas is generally a time for giving. But who to? Here is one researchers views on why you should give to their favourite charity.

  • New Internet Charges for the UK

  • Close to our hearts and our wallets, surprisingly British Telecom, or "BT" as they now liked to be called, are doing something to help us.

  • Collaborative Efforts

  • Not only have we brought you the Think Tank this week, but one
    researcher has started looking for articles where contributions are

  • The Think Tank

  • A central point to exchange ideas on articles. Whether you're
    writing a future Guide entry and want some help with spelling, grammar
    or content, or you have a few moments to spare and wish to proof read
    for a fellow researcher, this is the place.

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