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On November 24, 1999, 24 h2g2 researchers received an interesting email from Peta, the Community Editor. Edited highlights of this email are reprinted here.

Hi Løønytünes and PP, You have been so fantastic on the site for
a long time... we'd like to invite you to join the h2g2 team as an
'Ace'. Would you be interested? You might be wondering exactly what being an 'h2g2 Ace' will entail, so here's a quick summary.


Aces are totally voluntary, and, as such, we will never force
you to do anything. Ever. Honestly. We'll just ask nicely, like the
Mafia does!

Meeting and greeting:

I would like the Aces to greet as many of the newbies as they can. There will also be special projects, with which you could become involved, seeking out information, or directing Researchers to specific locations.

The Ace homepage:

The Aces will have their own Home Page. New Researchers will be directed towards this Ace page from the front page, as a permanent link. Jim is going to set up a page that will enable The Aces to post to the same page and this will be their central home. I will write the initial text, but if as a group The Aces want to change it or add to it later on, I am sure that we can sort this out. It is The Aces page and not mine, after all.

Content of Ace Home Page:

I would like The Aces to post links on the Ace Homepage, directing people to new and interesting places on h2g2. You would need a link and a short description of the destination. I would ask that it be kept simple, minimum/no graphics, just so that it loads quickly.

I *am* working on getting hold of a logo or badge for the Aces and for the Sub-editors, but that is not going to happen until after
Christmas. If this sounds like the kind of thing that interests you,
drop me a line. I re-iterate that this is not a paid job and that
it's all totally voluntary, but our current voluntary team members
all love what they're doing, and I'm sure that you would too. I
look forwards to hearing from you, after which I will send you all
the information you need to join the ranks of The Aces, if that
is what you'd like.

Thanks for listening! Best wishes, Peta.

That was three weeks ago. Since then I have received 139 emails
from the other ACEs. Like any project, there were a few teething
problems. Hey, we all come from different parts of the world and
all have different amounts of time and expertise to devote to this.
Thankfully it has all settled down now and we are working together
as, in my opinion, a good team. Some of the other researchers are
teasing those of us who have added the ACE suffix to our names. I
think this is a lot of fun. And, of course, fun is what h2g2 is all

Further information on the ACEs and their activities can be found at The Aces Home Page and the accompanying fora.

'As you tour the corridors of h2g2 you will come across researcher pages with an ACE badge displayed on the top right hand side. If you have any queries, these are the people to ask.'


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