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Posted: 14th February 2000

Welcome to edition 10 of the Post.

Are you all ready for Valentines Day... or is it a load of hogwash instigated by the greetings card industry? The tradition seems to have been around for some time, although it was kept far more private than now. The Victorian's appeared to have the correct idea and made the celebration a very personal one... the ladies pouring all their emotion into samplers and sewn cards, and the gentlemen purchasing small items of jewellery or writing long, involved, love poems. These tokens of affection would then be tied with red ribbon or wrapped in tissue paper and put in a place of safety for posterity. Even now, when old houses are demolished or altered, these keepsakes are re-discovered, and they are nearly always indicative of a tragic end to the romance. I cannot imagine many lover's bothering to keep the ready-made cards which flood the market today!

In your Post today, we have yet another scandal brewing. The Virtual Mayor of London(h2g2) has been getting into a spot of bother over at the Church of the True Brownie! What was that line again... *No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition?*. Whatever the outcome, Ms. Fenchurch is still more interesting than the real-life candidates and, as her personal advisor, I am just a little worried that I may well be dragged into the proceedings.

Enough of this...you have a paper to read! Please do give
us feedback and send any articles/news items of interest in to the
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