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This week, I've plumped for the
Jelly Belly

'Jelly Belly' is the brand name for a type of jelly bean, and boy, are they nice ones. Unlike the majority, probably all of the normal jelly beans that are available in the UK, these actually taste like something. They come in forty flavours, ranging from the mundane Lemon to the unusual Toasted Marshmallow. And, they do actually taste of these things.

The site itself is quite slow to load, but I presume that this is because it is intended purely for the American market where Internet connection tends to be both cheaper and faster. It's cute to look at, simple and uncomplicated. A white background with images in vibrant colour really draw your attention to the screen.

But apart from that, what's actually in the site?
Well, a virtual tour of the factory, a blurb about the history
of jelly beans as well as the chance to join a fan club and prove that you know you're beans. Not only that but there are recipes for mixing different flavoured beans in your mouth.

This site isn't great, but there is a reason why I bring it to
everyone's attention: because it is rather U.S. based.
This isn't unusual, I know. I just found it strange that the recipes
for mixing the beans come in sixteen languages, but two of those are
English and American?? Jelly Belly beans are available all over the
globe and I'm pretty sure that there are distributors based in more
countries than just the US, so why can you only order online for
street addresses in the states? You can have your Jelly Belly beans
delivered to your door in the furthest reaches of Alaska, but not in
the heart of London. (I'm very upset by this news Pastey :-( ed.)


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