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The tent, h2g2:

The Virtual Lady Mayor of London(h2g2),Fenchurch M. Mercury was detained for questioning with regards to the theft of Brownies from a peaceful tent revival held by the

After entering as one of the High Priestesses, Ms. Mercury (allegedly) forcefully removed all of the available Brownies. She then tried to leave the premises. Zedly, the Church 'Master Inquisitor', then detained Ms. Mercury. One
of the witnesses, Ormondroyd is quoted as saying:
'Typical politician. Once they're in office they think they can get away with anything.'

But will she? Could Mayor Mercury's reign be brought to a scandalous end by -BROWNIEGATE!? Fenchurch does have her supporters:
'Thief!?....Well, at least she asked first...'

said Baron 'Bear-Thing' Slide. Fenchurch was heard to say
'This is your MAYOR speaking! Not to mention your EMPRESS! I suggest you let me eat these brownies in PEACE!.'

Bluebottle did have interesting comments to make about something, but it is unclear whether they are related to the case:
'It's a lie - I was not involved. I did not accept or give bribes - they're out to ruin my image, but my lawyers will stop them!'

Demon Drawer suggests that censure might be in order.
'We need to take steps to censure the Mayor, she has obviously
forgotten her pledge to serve all of h2g2, she is merely helping herself (to the Brownies). Action must be taken to overthrow this corrupt administration.'

Other possibilities have also been brought to light.
'I did not have sexual relations with that woman... Have you
ever thought that a politician would need more saving than most people, thus explaining the need for such a large number of Brownies?'

Linus was overheard to say.

This whole incident has torn apart a peaceful church. The leader,
Marv the Grate, has convened a meeting of the Inquisition to help sort this mess out. We shall keep you, our readers, abreast of this situation as it unfolds.

Marv the Grate

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