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We are a soppy lot aren't we? But there is nothing wrong with that. The world would be such a better place if we all loved one another, and we're thankful to Irving Washington for pointing this out by submitting the first of the Valentine messages.

To all the researchers who have no one on Valentine's day... I know how it feels.

For No One(Lennon/McCartney)

Your day breaks, your mind aches, You find that all her words of kindness

Linger on when she no longer needs you.

She wakes up, she makes up,

She takes her time and doesn't feel she has to hurry she no longer needs you.

And in her eyes you see nothing, no sign of love behind the tears

cried for no one.

A love that should have lasted years.

You want her, you need her,

and yet you don't believe her when she says her love is dead;

you think she needs you.

And in her eyes you see nothing, no sign of love behind the tears

cried for no one.

A love that should have lasted years.

You stay home, she goes out, she says that long ago

she knew someone but now he's gone; doesn't need him.

Your day breaks, your mind aches,

there will be times when all the things

she said will fill your head you won't forget her.

And in her eyes you see nothing, no sign of love behind the tears

cried for no one.

A love that should have lasted years.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for not clubbing me over the head and dragging me back to your cave!

Thank you for all your understanding this past year.

I wish your yellow rose could bloom brightly all year round.

I love you very much, the Girl.

To: Ampton

Message: Dear Ampton,

Little robot, know that the time of the completion of our machine is nearing! When it is finished, we shall win all snowball fights! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

From: Afgncaap5, Mad Scientist


KM sweetie I love you



To: Toby and Susan

Message: Dew on the mountain,

A menacing girl with a shovel,

Another with cookies,

" !!"

I keep telling them.

To: Monsy

Message: Thank God you are here! I don't know what I'd do without you!

I just want you to know, I love you, and always will!

From: NM

To: James Lynn

Message: My darling James, you really are the best husband, friend and lover anyone could hope for. I can't believe how lucky I am.

To: Reanna

Happy Valentines

To: Peta

Roses are red

Holly is prickly

You cheer me up

When I'm feeling sickly.

To: Mark Moxon

I wandered happy, with a smile

I fell in h2g2

I saw your picture in a file

And fell in love with you

To: My Favourite Researcher NM

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

I dreamed of love

A knight in white satin

To steal my heart away

The fantasies of youth

Have since run astray

Make-believe and fairies dust

No longer hide the truth

My mind awakened to the day

Finding love and lust

Combined in such a way

Fantasies need not begin again

For once upon a time

I dreamed of love

Long before you stole my heart away.


Hello, Eomando!

As I'm not likely to come online till Saturday, I thought I'd use this opportunity to say hello.

PP: Hello!

Happy Valentine's day!

BTW, have you checked your email today?


Looking forward to seeing you next weekend! (Hey, a construction with 2 gerunds... What would my English teacher at school say...;-))




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