The Rambling Misfits

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Are the Rambling Misfits about to play?

Rumours are growing that the
Rambling Misfits, h2g2's own Official Softball Team, are indeed about to play. Recently, a Press Box and Announcers booth has been built, plus tickets are also on sale in The Cheese'sTicket Sales Office.

When recently asked, TV's Frink himself supported the rumours, and despite being very elusive and secretive, he did state that:
'...the plan for now is to play one game to see how things work
out. If it goes well and people are still interested, we can continue to play additional games. I hope this will happen, especially considering that the format we chose only allows for six players per team, plus the umpire. Although I hate to do this, I'll probably have to limit the players to members of the Misfits...'

When asked about the nature of the game, and how many people were
involved, he continued by saying
'Although only thirteen players will be playing in any one game,
there is no reason that other people can't show up to watch.'

To do so, of course, would involve them buying tickets.

On being asked when exactly the games are going to start, TV's Frink was vague, but said that
'I think we are pretty close to playing the first game. I believe
the rules are now settled. We now need to pick a date and time... because of the different time zones, I expect we will try and schedule games at different times to give everyone a chance to play.

Lance will be the umpire when he can, however he is going to be really busy over the next month or two. Because of this, I am going to ask if anyone else wants to help us run the games. We will definitely need someone to be umpire for the first game since Lance is unavailable!'

So there we have it - there is a really strong possibility that very soon no h2g2 researcher will be able to write a guide entry without facing the menace of flying softballs. So, the word is to book your tickets now from the Ticket Office, to find out all about when and where the matches happen, and to make sure you are there to see them.

If, like many researchers, the thought of physical activity is likely to send you insane, then we recommend KimotoCat's recently opened
Counselling Clinic

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