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Every day five new approved entries are recommended on the
h2g2 Main Page. These go by unnoticed to most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out and reviews the five most entertaining and interesting entries of the week.

  • Non-electric Can Openers explains exactly how to use these archaic instruments. The exact procedure of use is tediously described... step-by-step. A mention of an 'even more primitive' can opener is described. Primitive!?! I still use
    it! I promise I will eventually move on, but this good ol' device lets your hand and wrist do some exercise before indulging in whatever food you are about to open. It's also much more satisfying, having to 'work' to get your food - a modern equivalent for growing food yourself ;-).

  • The Drake Equation informs of the equation developed by... Drake! This equation, populated mainly by unknowns, was developed to try to estimate how many other communicating life-forms there are in our galaxy. Unfortunately, we
    only know of one life-form and it has only been communicating for less than one hundred years! This means that we have to guess all the unknowns with no help of experience - just estimations. These vary greatly, and one person could calculate one other life-form in the galaxy, another one hundred, and the pessimist none. Now, what is the probability that we would actually communicate with them?

  • The Comb-over Hairstyle tells of this odd event that occurs in nature, normally without great success. It is a very short entry that is entertaining to read (unless you perform the bridge of sides yourself). It also provides a warning (I bet this isn't given by hairdressers) of the consequences of
    performing any physical activity. Now, I better stop writing so my review isn't longer than the entry.

  • Discordianism explains the 'finest parody religion' ever to exist. Maybe the word 'explains' is too exaggerated; how about 'blabbers about'? It sounds like a very interesting religion and fairly logical, for which reason it should
    not be branded a religion. It describes the origins of the 'religion' and how the original idea was developed. Then it tells of the parody myths invented to entertain and attract. The origins of Christianity are becoming so clear now... ;-).

  • Flagging Tape describes and explains this far-too-common ribbon. Yet another entry conjured up by the one-a-day man. It lists the many (or is that few?) uses of the tape. It then draws to an end with the daunting conclusion that eventually the whole planet will be covered with the stuff. Well, at
    least we could be spotted from afar - or maybe those Vogons will think we're part of their construction path :-).


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