Is Real Life following h2g2 fiction?

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Recently, h2g2 researchers have been having a go at making their own cumulative improvisation 'round robin' story, all about James Bond. Titled 'The Doughnuts Are Not Enough.'

It follows the plot of James Bond's enemy attempting to take
over the world by using doughnuts, and specially modified
acorns, in order to use super-growing trees to destroy
England's cities and create world chaos. And curiously
enough, this is happening in real life too.

Admittedly not the genetically modified trees causing
chaos part, but Pierce Brosnan has agreed to front a new national poster campaign in the UK to save the Earth's
forests. Titled 'Words are Not Enough', Pierce Brosnan's
campaign is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund in order
to promote the Forest Stewardship Council....

Looks like genetically modified acorns and doughnuts may be
the next step away for the modern Bond star...

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