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Geez! Another one, and not a day too soon! Indeed, Robert Smith and gang continue to thrill their audience with an eclectic mix of synth, guitar strings, and amazing lyrics.

The band has held its audience for about three decades now, shocking people everywhere with their 'Goth' look and pop roots- but don't tell that to the Cure. In the words of Robert Smith:
'I keep my hair big because of my wife's requests - she likes it this way - and I wear black because I don't feel comfortable with other colours.'

Much to this reporter's chagrin, however, rumour has it that Robert Smith (at the tender age of forty years) plans on this being the last Cure album, hoping to do other things, particularly those involving the Internet.

Listening to Bloodflowers, fans will hear bits and pieces that have their roots in earlier Cure albums, such as Pornography. This is the work of an ageing popstar who, through living his life, has come back to reflect upon it, letting his fans in on his revelations. This album is full of typical Cure tunes of melancholy (Maybe Someday, The Last Days of Summer), pop rock (There is no if... , Coming Up), and absolute genius (The Loudest Sound, Bloodflowers).

Overall, this is an absolutely amazing album that let's the listener 'peer' into Robert Smith's visions, and leaves him better for it. It is definitely on this researcher's list for a Valentines Day present (you didn't think it a coincidence that it was released on Valentines Day, did you?).

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