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Posted: 17th January 2000

Hello and welcome to Edition 6 of the Post.

The big news of the week is the 'retirement' of Bill Gates from being Chief Executive of Microsoft. Could this be the 'big-money' job which Bill Clinton is rumoured to have lined up for when he leaves the White House in 2001? Maybe not! The current President,
Steve Ballmer, is the 'lucky' one being promoted, and good old BG is
going back to developing new software... if he can remember how after
all this time! What are we going to do with all our BG jokes now

A recent addition to the ever-expanding number of domain names has
also proved to be a record-breaker. The rules were bent to allow the
inclusion of (bear with me!):

This far outstretches the usual maximum of just 28 letters! I have a
platform ticket with this printed on it, as do probably a fair
proportion of visitors to North Wales. I just hope that this will not
encourage others to jump on the Band wagon! We are all quite happy
with 'h2g2' guys!

We are featuring 'something new' in the Post this week; here is what our excellent Web Thing has to say about it:

Floating Menu Type Thingy

Just as the 'Powers That Be' have been known to make changes over at the Guide Towers, we at the Post Living Room have also been making
improvements. To quote any major corporation, 'As part of our
continual drive to provide a better service' we've come up with the
Floating Menu Type Thingy! I was trying to give it a really cool
acronym name, but everything I came up with was either unprintable
or related to beer, so unless anyone has any better ideas, it's a
Floating Menu Type Thing. Just be thankful it doesn't look like a

But what is it, where is it and what does it do?

What it is; it is a menu, that looks like our logo.

Where it is; You can find it in the top right hand corner of the
window, that is to say, the top right hand corner of the browser
window, anyone looking carefully at the front windows of their
houses will look very weird to their neighbours. It will always be
in the corner, even when you scroll down the page. That's because it
floats. If you scroll fast, it may take a second or two to get there
because it's not the most athletic of menus around, but it will get
there. It will probably be out of breath too (If menus breathed that

What it does; it provides a springboard type list of links to the
different sections available within the Post. It will, in the near
future do more. As we introduce more features to the Post the FMTT
will change to incorporate them, and we do have a fair bit more
planned to 'enhance the experience provided by our service' to once
more quote any big company. If you have any ideas about how we can
improve the Post, then please email me on [email protected]


Sadly this feature of the Post is no longer available.

That's All Ffolks!

  • 1-2-1

  • Fairly Strange is the target of this weeks interrogation.

  • Take 5

  • Take 5 has taken a change, we're covering fewer articles, but giving a
    better read.

  • Agony Aunt

  • h2g2 is not a 'normal' community, it doesn't have 'normal' problems, therefore a 'normal' Agony Aunt would be useless. Ours is far from 'normal'.

  • The BooK NooK

  • After last week's Dune article, the team this week concentrate on the use of language within literature.

  • 8 Months on the Guide

  • Has it really been that long for some of our researchers? It doesn't seem it. But here we have the ramblings of one of our longer serving members.

  • New Year in Russia

  • The right place at the right time, but a Dacha in Russia? Most definately, yes

  • My Time in Romania

  • The second part of the diary excerpts of a researcher working in a
    Romanian orphanage.

  • The Chaos of Going Metric

  • As we go into this new century, the British Government decided to change things, with all their usual planning and forethought

  • The Big Merger!

  • AOL and Time Warner, and all in the same week as Bill Gates steps down

  • User Pages

  • We've all got one. But what do we do with it?

  • The Think Tank

  • A central point to exchange ideas on articles. Whether you're
    writing a future Guide entry and want some help with spelling, grammar
    or content, or you have a few moments to spare and wish to proof read
    for a fellow researcher, this is the place.

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