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Posted: 27th December 1999

Out With The Old; In With The New

Whether it be the Millennium or not doesn't really matter; as you have most probably already heard, many experts state that the millennium does not occur until next year. What is important is the coming new year and many computers are still not bug free... I checked mine and it didn't change the year correctly, so I did it manually and ran my computer for 10 days without any noticeable problems, but as I do not use the internal date for most of my programs... no problems arose.

The New year is for ringing out the old and bringing in the new. After spending many pleasurable hours formulating and producing the POST, I have decided to let the two people who put most into making it work take over the every day running of the paper. That is Shazz and Pastey. Pastey will be totally responsible for producing the paper and, as our 'Webmaster', he will have the final say on how it looks and general design. Shazz, as our new 'Managing Editor' (Kinda like an Editorial Chief) will have the final say on what is published. Any queries on these subjects should be addressed to them. I shall still be around but, due to pressure of work, it will not be as much as I would like. May the POST prosper and I will check the books from time to time to make sure it is making a profit:-).

Love the Christmas look of h2g2 and the Christmas Card is brilliant. I am glad to see the idea of an email sent to all Researchers from the Towers is now a reality, if you haven't checked your email lately then do it now.

These are my last word as Managing Editor... the next will be from Shazz.

Hi there, fellow Researchers and, as I say on my homepage, 'rest assured' that there will be no noticeable changes in the style and content of the 'Post' We especially look forward to you all contacting us if (or when) you have something of interest to share
with this vibrant h2g2 community. We hope to have a simpler way for you to offer articles for publishing set up soon! May I express my thanks to Vegiman, who did such a great job of instigating the whole idea of a weekly online newspaper for h2g2. I am fully aware that
this is 'his baby' and will try to feed it, burb it, change its' nappy, and generally look after it for him. This edition may appear a little sparse... we have still tried to include the regular features... and, in the time-honoured tradition of newspapers around the world, there will be NO Post next week! We hope to be back with
you all on January 10th.

Have a wonderful 'New Year'... See you all in the next millennium!

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    or content, or you have a few moments to spare and wish to proof read
    for a fellow researcher, this is the place.

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