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Posted: 6th December 1999

Welcome to the first issue of the 'h2g2 POST'. Every week we will be updating our pages to give you informative and interesting articles on what is going on, in and around h2g2. In the main the POST will be a community paper, very much like your Local Rag. Unlike a local paper it will also, to a smaller degree, include world news where you will be able to read about topical issues and talk to people who are on the scene.

This is where you come in...When h2g2 first started the TDV team produced all the Guide Entries to give examples of what the Guide should look like. We, at this time, are in the same boat and
awaiting your views and reports. Let us know what you have seen and
done, in h2g2 and in your own country.

A page has been set up called 'Never Ending Edit' where you can post your reports and views to us. We have a great team waiting for you now, so let us know what you have seen! It could be something that tickled your fancy; maybe an interesting forum you would like to direct others to, a page that you have read and feel others may also enjoy it. Is something happening in your part of the world that you feel able to report on? Don't forget, if it is on h2g2 to include the addresses/links and supply your personal details too, your nickname and home page number. Remember, if you are a Researcher, you are also a POST Reporter and we look forward to hearing from you, no matter how small or large your report is.

All the links on this POST front page open new windows. This has been done because a number of the articles are held off site and, once you have read one, you will only have to close the window to enable you to click on the next one which you wish to read. It is a lot faster for you that way, as the POST front page does not have to be reloaded every time you want to get back to it.

The current editor would like to point out that a lot of the above mentioned features are no longer available as we are now hosted entirely on h2g2.

There are a number of articles and features lined up for you to read... just follow the links and enjoy!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have worked so hard to make this venture a success. A special thanks goes to the POSTresearcher team for a great job - Pastey you have been a marvel for putting all of our ideas into practice. Peta also gets a special thank you, as do the h2g2 team for the help and support given to this venture. It has not been easy!

Here they are:

And Associates:

And of course a special thank you to you for popping over and
reading this first issue - leave the money in the cap.


  • 1-2-1 Interview

  • So who is Peta? She's the Guides Community Editor. It's her job to look after us all, to hold our hand as it were while we're starting out in the Guide. We sent one of our intrepid reporters to find out more about her.

  • The Running of the Virtual Mayor of London

  • After the huge success of The Virtual Mayor of London, the
    campaigning and the eventual outcome, we've obtained the rights to the diaries of the organiser! And here they are, serialised, just for you.

  • Trust Me, I'm A Sub-Editor!

  • We've heard about these people. We've occasionally seen them around.
    We may have even had an article edited by them. But who are they?
    Well we got hold of one and asked her what it's like being a

  • I Spy

  • We planted a spy in the h2g2 Towers to find out what was going on there. They took an unusual approach to spying.

  • Gossip Column

  • We all like to know what's happening in the forums, well let us know and we'll tell everyone.

  • One Skirt or Two?

  • The first country to give women the vote, in 1893, has ended the century with an election involving two women leading the major
    parties and with its first elected female Prime Minister. Our
    reporter in New Zealand has summed up the event.

  • Christmas Get Together

  • This coming weekend, researchers from all over England are going to be meeting up in London. Here is why.

  • A Towel of Two Spokes!

  • The h2g2 Towers didn't go unaffected by the high winds in England last week. Find out more.

  • A Big Thank You to h2g2

  • One researcher felt moved to express his thanks. Here is the
    article, and it is well worth reading.

  • Scoop!

  • New on-screen badges are on their way!.

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