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Back in July... was it really that long ago, it only seems like last month... a group of researchers, organised by Ginger went to Clapham Common in London to play rounders. Now Christmas brings an
excuse for everyone to meet up again.

It was most decidedly weird to start. Similar in going to a
party where nobody knows the host, or anyone else for that
matter. But go along we did, and enjoy ourselves we certainly
did. There are even pictures to prove it. Well we're doing it
again, but with an indoor event this time considering the
weather. We are planning to meet up. To put faces to nick
names, and even find out the real names of the people we chat
to in the forums of h2g2.

A page and a forum were set up two weeks ago asking for
suggestions on what a group of people who, in the main, have never met before could do for an afternoon, before hitting a pub.
The suggestions rolled in and ten pin bowling was decided
upon. Then the pub of course. This is a chance to have a real
time chat, away from a computer. The last event was great fun
and I believe that this time will be as well. All the details
are over on the Christmas Party page and I would strongly
suggest going over and signing up. It's not just a London do
as h2g2 is not just an English site. Events are being planned
all over the place and they will be good!


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