The Running of the Virtual Mayor of London

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The Anatomy of a Posting that grew and grew!

Part 1: A Site is Born.

It was a slow night in the forums. Two o'clock in the morning on a Saturday night. I had posted all the messages that seemed appropriate and was waiting for a response ..any response, with the television playing away quietly in the background. An interview started with Frank Dobson, the latest candidate for the position of Mayor of London. I listened with scant interest! He seemed as dry as the rest of them. No spark of real enthusiasm, just a desire to forward himself in the name of politics. Poor London, I thought. What a mixed bag of candidates with only one, Red Ken having any glimmer of a personality. Fair enough, Glenda Jackson had been a fine actress but, since going into
politics, she had become as bad as the others, drowning in political posturing and looking even more sour-faced then usual.

Jeffrey Archer, well there isn't anything left to say about him, and this more recent candidate hmphh! That was when it happened! My attention was drawn back to a particular thread on h2g2... a whole string of responses, sparkling with wit, but with an underlying sense of intelligence. An idea germinated, threw up shoots and planted itself firmly on my homepage. Before I knew it, I had posted an article asking for nominations for a 'Virtual Mayor of London'. It was just going to be a fun place for researchers to concoct reasons why they should be allowed to run London, and how they thought that they could improve things! I had not really formulated any plans for creating further pages. I tended to be a night owl on h2g2, so most of my visitors were scattered around the globe and would probably not show much interest in the subject.

How wrong I was!

The whole truth and nothing but the truth can be found at The Virtual Mayor of London pages.


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