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How We Would Like Your Articles

We want your articles, so come write with us. Here's how.

The article, when finished should be sent by email. It has been made very simple for you to do but, if you have any problems with this, Pastey is our Webmaster and he can guide you through how to Post an article. Just Post your questions to a forum on the POST Front Page.

Hypoman and Shazz are the Joint Editorial Chiefs and can assist you on writing, if you need it. They will also be editing your work ready for publication, if it is to be used. You can use html if you wish or just plain text... Do not use GuideML as the articles are loaded on to our own website and it only uses html. Any GIF's etc that you supply should be copyright free.

A guide to using simple html. Always start a paragraph with a <P> and end it with a </P>. As you can see from this page we split the articles over two columns, with an introductory paragraph so try to bear this in mind when writing your article. If you wish to highlight text then use <I> at the start of the highlighted text and finish with </I>.

Thank You


Please note that this guide no longer applies as we are now hosted on h2g2 and use GuideML! We also do not use the split frame option anymore. This item was included for purely historical reasons... ed 07.11.2000

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