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Me: I'm here to Spy on you... So, wanna' save me the effort and just tell me what's up over at h2g2 Towers?

Peta: I'm here.

What's up at h2g2 towers?

In terms of what is happening at the mo'? Okay. Well... Christmas and the millennium celebrations are fast approaching, so we are currently sorting out all sorts of things to celebrate the festivities at h2g2.

What exactly?

You'll have to wait and see. I am arranging a few things for the 'get together' meeting in London next Saturday, which I am looking forward to attending. I have also been helping out the POST researchers with information for the launch of the h2g2 newspaper. I look forward to reading the first edition on Monday morning.

Mark has been doing a fair bit of writing, which I know he has really enjoyed doing. He has so little time to write nowadays. He has, as usual, been dragged away to a fair number of meetings planning and structuring new site features.

Anna has been working with the Sub-editors and has been doing a great job at getting through lots of the submitted entries. She works extremely hard. So hats off to her.

The art team are always kept really busy. They have taken on several extra projects lately and have done a terrific job of them.

The team writing the new "Hitchhiker's" game have been hiring new C++ people to work on the project. They have been settling in. TDV has a really good 'mentoring' system in place, so if, for instance, you forget someone's name you have a 'friend' to ask. We have a lovely boss, and he tries very hard to make TDV a nice place to work. It all works very well, which shows what a good boss he is. And I hope he doesn't read this!

TDV have hired a couple of new technical people to work on h2g2. Anything that eases the workload of Jim and Sean has to be good.

We have finally taken over the whole building in order to cope with the expansion, so desks are being moved around, and new network sockets installed. We have a wonderful support guy, called Neil, who is in charge of this. He has been lugging desks and bookshelves around all weekend. So again... thanks Neil.

Yoz has gone to work in the USA - but is still doing work for us and will no doubt, be back at some point. Mark and the editorial team have inherited his speakers, so the h2g2 editorial room rocks, even more than usual.

Coming Next Week... Is Mark a Soft Drink?... and other tales from the Towers.

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