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The Good Old Days

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not a single 'good ol days' post in 2002, eh? smiley - sadface

well, here's one for 2003, smiley - biggrin!

The Good Old Days

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Geee....I'm feeling older all the time!!!!:D

Gotta say....The Post has come a LONG way since then!

Nice read, Shazz! Your work and sacrifice does not go un-noticed! You've made The Post a "must read" here in the community.

Greebs......I think you may be the only one at H2G2 who can match wits with Shazz on an editorial. I don't know all your other duties, but I can tell from a few past issues that you do good work! Keep it up!

To ALL on the Post, may I congratulate you on your service ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty!

Vegi must be proud!smiley - smiley


The Good Old Days

Post 23

Post Team

smiley - cheers

Thanks NM smiley - hug

Someone has asked me for a 'mission statement' of <./>ThePost</.> smiley - erm...

I can't ever recall actually having one apart from trying to create something of interest and use to the community. smiley - ok

shazz smiley - thepost

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