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Posted: 13th December 1999

Here we are on our second issue... where did last week go?

With all the congratulations we received in the fora and by emails, it is a wonder we can get our heads through the doorway. On behalf of the POSTresearcher team: A Big Thank you.

The team has been busy and after the champagne bubbles died down (down Shazz's throat, I think), Pastey crawled out of the pub singing 'Show me the way home', and in Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK, screams of delight could be heard. A truly international effort.

The h2g2 team having been in touch, Mark took it upon himself to write the announcement that the POST was here. Thanks Mark. Peta has been busy getting the ACE team moving and you can read all about the Aces in this issue. Jim Lynn is still recovering from his accident... he broke his elbow and is plastered from his wrist to the top of his arm. He's looking for a decent knitting needle. This hasn't stopped him working and amongst other things he and Mark are discussing ways of helping us improve the POST. Mark emailed the POST, starting with the word 'Wow', and started outlining ways that h2g2 could be helpful. Thanks.. all help will be appreciated.

If it is 'Wow' now, then wait and see what Pastey and the POST team have lined up for the future. As I read in one of the fora... just think what it will be after a few months. Each week you should see more and more improvements.

Don't forget the POST is your newspaper and we are waiting to hear from you! If you are not sure what to write, why not have a word with Hypoman by clicking the discuss button on 'The never ending edit' page.

I have rambled on long enough... I am sure you will want to be getting down to a good read. Once again, thank you for all your praise, which will go a long way in encouraging the POST to strive harder to go from great to brilliant... we hope.


Coming in next weeks bumper edition, all the pictures and reviews of the Christmas get-together that happened in London on Sunday!

  • Take 5

  • Each week there are twenty five new Approved Guide entries added to the list. Here we round up this weeks best additions.

  • The ACE's

  • The Assistant Community Editors. Volunteers, like ourselves, that have given over some of their spare time for a worthy cause.

  • I Spy

  • Another installment of news from the Towers.

  • Where are the Fish?

  • Broken picture links have been appearing all over h2g2 where once fish swam happily. Why?

  • Wowbagger

  • Our resident cartoonist has come up with another topical drawing for you.

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