The Running of the Virtual Mayor of London

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Part 2: First Fumblings.

The forum quickly filled with people wanting to know how they could nominate or be registered and how, or when, they could vote. So, off I went to my favourite 'gif' site to find appropriate pictures to
put up in the rather blank page I had posted. I took some time over this, adding a few guidelines as to qualifications... this being h2g2, a knowledge of drinking seemed essential... and to discourage the idea becoming too serious, politics, in the true sense of the word, was banned!

Dudemeister was first on the scene and he nearly brought the whole procedure to a close by trying to install himself arbritarily. He reasoned that, as he was the only candidate, he would just vote for himself before anyone else could get a look in. Wrong, Dude!

I created another page for the Polling Booth and linked it to my email address, just in case somebody could actually be bothered to vote. So far I had spent about five hours on the project and it was now six in the morning. I was congratulating myself on a job well done when a suggestion from TV's Frink made me re-think the whole effort. The gist of his message was that I needed Deadlines! Deadlines for the nominations, deadlines for voting... or the whole thing would probably end up eating its' own tail. No problem!

Back to the 'Polling Booth' and post a message to state when nominations would close and voting start and finish. By this time it was too late for sleep, but another whole night spent in h2g2 only enhanced my reputation as 'She who never sleeps'.

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