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Woman Loving Sculpted in the Style of Botero

I would like to introduce you to quite an interesting personality on h2g2. I must confess that when I first came to interview this lovely woman I thought she was a 'newbie'. Once the interview was underway, I found that she had in fact been here for quite awhile and was known under many other names, making her all that much more interesting. I will begin the story of Woman by telling you a bit about her life and then I will introduce you to her other fabulous personalities.

'Woman' is 26 years old and ,as you can tell from the nickname she uses, is in fact a female. She is single with no children and resides in London but enjoys spending time with her family back in Kent. She also is kept quite busy with her pet mouse (wonder if it is 'anonymous' hehe!!), a four month old African Pouched Mouse with a banana fixation. She enjoys many hours of pleasure watching him go bonkers when he becomes hyper from the sugar content in them. She also finds she has her hands full when it comes to her pet dog Henry. She jokes about the vets referring to him as the 'bionic dog' as he has just completed his second life saving surgery in 8 months at the grand old age of 13.

When not caring for her very personable pets she can be found working for the Heritage Lottery Fund. This job has led to her being found in some quite bizarre spots: The roof and top of the bell tower of Westminster Cathedral, a ruined nunnery in Leicestershire, various museums, the church at Shrewsbury Battlefield, making pots in a Stoke pottery museum (a ruined art deco pottery factory in Swadlincote) and various nature reserves across the Midlands and Dudley Zoo of all places. She went 'braindead' for about 6 months and was miserable working for the Welcome Trust before returning to the Lottery where she now works as a Grants Officer with the National Lottery Charities Board and is in sheer heaven. She says that for her there is nothing better than ringing someone up to tell them they have a grant. She loves being employed somewhere where she can see differences being made.

It was while working with the Welcome Trust that she stumbled across h2g2 and became 'hooked' on the site. She credits the members of h2g2 for bringing her through a job inspired depression. She told me that in her opinion the people on h2g2 are very special and some of the nicest and most genuine people it has been her fortune to meet (blush). She admits that she is unable to visit as often as she likes but adds that this could be a good thing as she does need to work sometime (I am sure we can all relate to that LOL!!)

As for her other characters on h2g2, they consist of 'Lochangel', 'Samuel Pepys', 'Venus in Furs' and 'Grim Squeaker'. Let us say that they have all had their place and some will be seen again, while others are lost forever in the haze of past lives. 'Lochangel' was the character she used when depressed and has since made way for the 'Woman' character she uses today. She did enjoy her time as 'Venus in Furs' but abandoned that character when it began to be imitated too much for her to feel comfortable with it. As for the 'Grim Squeaker' I have been told that he will return shortly from the boudoir of 'Venus in Furs' so keep your eyes peeled as I am sure he will provide much entertainment for us all. She states that she enjoys playing the roles of her many characters. She did let slip that of all her characters the 'Woman' character she is currently known as is the one that is really her.

I would like to say that I myself found this person to be most enjoyable and I hope to see much more of her in the future. I strongly urge you to drop by and say hello, as I am sure you will be caught under her spell as much as I have been.


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