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As you walk through the electronic doors of the newest building in the CLI complex, you stagger at the sight of rows and rows of toys and holiday related bric-a-brac and paraphenalia. A counter sits here, while a Cashier-Bot accepts payment for any of the purchases that may or may not be made.

The room is ablaze with light after the BBC merger, and new toys are being quickly built in the back room. Your eyes are somehow draw to a sign on a bulletin board.

Welcome to Crater Toys!

Greetingage. This is Crater Toys, the newest subsidiary of Crater Labs, Inc. We're here to fulfill all of your toy-related needs. Currently, we're a bit limited as to what we sell, but we've got a ridiculous supply of what we do have. Just take a look at some of our original wares.

Listing of Toys!

Calcu-Gator-A toy alligator with a calculator inside its mouth and graphite on its tail. This mechanical wonder will do your homework, and then eat it for you!

Prolonged Absence Gum (PAG)-Ever needed to leave h2g2 for a long period of time? Then just start chewing some of this special gum, and it will allow you to follow along a conversation without ever needing to reply! A necessity for those long, drawn out adventures.

Toy Soldiers-Combining CLI's patented Perpetual CLockwork technology with the technology of a player piano, these bots make the perfect butlers for a christmas party. They also have a switch which allows them to play "March of the Wooden Soldiers" should some music be desired.

Toy Snow Cannons-Closely related to the Snow Cannon on Mt. Sandcastle, this will bring about the new age of snowball fighting! Simply load it with a bit of snow, and you can shoot your friends with dozens of snowballs at a time! And who doesn't like a good snowball fight every once in a while?

Four Dimensional Puzzles-Build surprisingly realistic models of famous architecture, and then push they play button to watch them crumble in real time! Currently only the House of Usher is in stock, but just watch for The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, due to come out soon!

Interactive Fiction-Coming Soon: a link to the IF Archives, so that you can download the best (and worst) of all the modern Interactive Fiction games, along with the programs required to play them (Frotz, Hugo, TADS, etc.)

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