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  • 21.02.00

    Anna talks to Monsy in the 1-2-1 interview and Loony sees the Doobie Brothers.

    We bid a sad farewell to Schulz, both in articles and through Wowbagger.

    More scandal for the Mayor, h2g2 Life joins the talkies and Peta tells us all about the Subs and Aces.

  • 28.02.00

    Joanna gets the 1-2-1 treatment, Wowbagger has cat trouble and misses a Beatle.

    The BooKNooK looks at rabbit stories and furnishes a best seller list.

    Bluebottle queues for acceptance and Zarquon is honoured as h2g2 site of the week.

    More animals, more doughnuts and freebies... or are they?

  • 06.03.00

    1-2-1 talks with blueDragon and Wowbagger muses on exercise and the Towers flying to Miami.

    Yet more rhetoric from Mayor Fenny, what would aliens like to read,

    a reply to Mr Cynic from Anna and a shocking story from America.

  • 13.03.00

    John-the-Gardener reveals all in the 1-2-1 and contributes a Sanskrit Poem.

    Wowbagger gets carried away working from home and also with Superhero's.

    Take5 bids farewell to Mr Cynic, Mark Moxon explains about editing tools and Pastey about Categories.

    The Mayor tackles brunettes and pornography and voting is invited for the h2g2 Academy awards.

  • 20.03.00

    1-2-1 meets Mustapha, Loonytunes mentions devils and Wowbagger pounces on the same theme.

    Shorty joins Take5, although there are rather more than 5 articles reviewed!

    The campaign for Dangermouse starts, Coelacanth sends us on a virtual boat trip on the Thames,

    Bluebottle suggests the next h2g2 meet and, in h2g2 Life, Wowbagger dreams of attending.

  • 27.03.00

    The 'Thinking Computer' man, Jason Hutchens explains all to Monsy in the 1-2-1 Interview.

    The Mayor worries about Fermat, but Wowbagger has her boxing 'Red Ken'.

    He also has problems of his own with overloading email.

    The h2g2 Academy Awards are revealed and winter lingers too long for one cold researcher.

    Blakes 7 is remembered, as are people and pets in the obituaries.

    The huge guide to h2g2 clubs start, another virtual trip occurs and Afgncaap hints at espionage.

  • 03.04.00

    Finally 1-2-1 catches up with Vegiman and Pastey steps into the breach whilst Shazz moves.

    Wowbagger shows off the 'Peta' award and shows off to Loonytunes about Australian sporting prowess.

    Mayor Fenny continues to rant, we take a look at the Boat Race and ask 'Who wants to Marry a Millionaire'.

  • 10.04.00

    An antipodean edition with four articles by Loonytunes, a 1-2-1 with
    Garibaldi, but no Wowbagger!

    Alicat bottles love, Greebo makes doughnuts, Sporky reviews another film and the Missing Persons

    page starts on h2g2.

  • 17.04.00

    Marv the Grate confesses nearly all to 1-2-1 in a sad week which saw the death of Peter Jones.

    We reproduce the tribute to Peter by DNA, Wowbagger pays his own respects and receives a compliment.

    Greebo fills us in on ICQ, the BooKNooK looks at the Sumo Book and
    we try a Beatles Quiz.

  • 24.04.00

    1-2-1 hears about Anonymouse and her animals and Loonytunes takes a trip down memory lane.

    Wowbagger hails Agony Aunt and reports on his visit to an animation festival.

    Human rights are closely examined and Shazz tells of her move.

    The next h2g2 Meet is announced and the answers given for the Beatles Quiz.

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