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Posted: 13th March 2000

Here we are again! Another edition of the Post.

The prestigious 'Cruft's Dog Show' has just finished here in England, the overall winner being a three-year-old Kerry Blue Terrier called 'Torums Scarf Michael'. Luckily, for the dog, he is usually called 'Mike'! This is the last year that the competition is only open to British Dogs... so get your Mutts over here!

Stage design has gone 'virtual'. Mark Reaney, from the Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities, based in Kansas, says that he can now create Three-Dimensional theatre sets, and change them within three seconds. His know-how is due to be tried out on a production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' being staged
at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

The head of a media reform foundation in Uzbekistan has called for a cull of the ex-Soviet state's newspapers for being largely 'boring and unreadable'. I trust that none of you want to cull us... yet! At least we don't waste 'valuable paper', which was one of the other reasons given for the forthcoming shake-ups!

Good news for 'slimmers'! They can now send their photographs to a Web Site and see 'before' and 'after' pictures. The system is called 'Morpheus', and adjusts the image electronically to show an individual's appearance after they have lost weight.
Personally, I am not convinced that this is a good idea but, for those of you who are interested... or just curious, the site can be found at morphover


  • 1-2-1

  • Ooh, we get to find out about John the Gardener this week.

  • Take 5

  • Well, er... actually there's ten.

  • Agony Aunt

  • h2g2 is not a 'normal' community, it doesn't have 'normal' problems,

    therefore a 'normal' Agony Aunt would be useless.

    Ours is far from 'normal'.

  • Wowbagger

  • The call has gone out for comments and articles on Superheroes,
    so of course Wowbagger couldn't resist.

  • h2g2 Academy Awards

  • Don't you get fed up watching shows such as the Academy Awards on television and think to yourself

    'No way should they have got that!' or 'You have got to be kidding!'

    and then go on to call the judges all the names under the sun.
    Well, I do anyway. But here is your chance to have your say.

  • Editing Tools

  • Here we take a look at the new editing tools that the Guide staff have to play with,

    complete with screen shots.

  • The Wonder Gap

  • Full of deep insight this one, a real pleasure to read.

  • The Think Tank

  • A central point to exchange ideas on articles.

    Whether you're writing a future Guide entry and want some help with spelling,

    grammar or content, or you have a few moments to spare and wish to proof read

    for a fellow researcher, this is the place.

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