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There have been many advances in technology over the last few years. We have seen home computers become more of a standard than a luxury, we've even seen the birth and flourishing of the Internet. But how much goes on that we don't see? Exactly how far has technology progressed whilst we weren't looking?

Well, for anyone with paranoid tendencies, there may have been an
inadvertent slip on the h2g2 front page on Friday night.

Friday night was when the new browsing capabilities of the Guide were unleashed on us general researchers. And there was a little
introduction to go with it, letting us know that there was a new huge
black box on the screen (after all it's easy to miss the sudden
appearance of a big black box in that beautiful blue background!). But, alliteration aside, a slip was made. The placement was described as 'Just to your left, in the margin.' The margin's on the LEFT? Which side-of-the-screen are they looking from?

Has there been this advancement on technology that has enabled
monitor manufacturers to install web cams in their products for the
last few years unbeknownst to us all? And are the Guide Editors able
to sit at their own computers, looking out through our screens at us
browsing and posting?

This slip was quickly covered up, but we were able to get a
screen shot for you to prove that it did happen.

Or is this all down to someone mixing up their lefts and their rights?

That would seem to be an easy excuse. I think we need our very own
holistic detective to look into this, on a purely voluntary basis of


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