Brunettes and Pornography: An Injustice of Biblical Proportions.

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Okay, so I was going to tell you about my discontent with the imbalance of hair colour in pornography. Where are the Caucasian brunettes? Likewise, where are the blonde males? There is a serious problem concerning what people find 'attractive', namely the fact that my hair colour is NOT usually included in that catalogue of assets, me being female. I BLAME THE PORNO INDUSTRY! I have been given many excuses for this : brunettes aren't 'exotic', it's very plain. Nay, I say! Especially when speaking of mainly European models, brunette hair is just as, if not more, 'exotic' than blonde! I understand the red hair, but BLONDE? I'm half Middle Eastern, and that's where I got *my* hair colour, I'd like to think THAT is fairly 'exotic'! Blondes are considered more 'wild'. Then why are brunettes found in all that weird S and M stuff? Eh? Blondes are less intelligent - okay. I'll give you that one.

But I digress. Whilst I did want to originally speak of this in great detail and heart - wrenching anguish, a much more important issue has come up, which probably has more relevance to the 'mayor' column anyhow. And this is my riveting story and accompanying rant. It does, I must warn you, have a much more serious tone than what you would expect from me. I apologise. Thus was born:
Why an Innocent Comment on Androgyny was Considered Sexism Against my Own Sex, and What I Did to Piss Even More People Off.

I was recently attacked, beaten down, drawn-and-quartered, hung, and then pinched endlessly... metaphorically, of course.. by a group of RABID IRRATIONALS, after I quite innocently commented that one must have fairly androgynous characteristics in order to become a powerful, successful leader.

They suddenly accused me of 'undoing what has been fought for over 200
years concerning civil rights', making 'sweeping generalisations', and
'discriminating'. WHAT?

My comment was NOT a sexist one. Hell, I'm a *Woman*! I simply said that, male or female, one would have to be towards the middle of the 'gender traits' in order to best fulfil what is necessary for an office of power. For example, the tendency to over emote - a traditionally 'female' TRAIT (notice I did NOT say a FEMALE, but referred to the traditional link to femininity) would not be something we want in office. Likewise, a traditionally 'male' trait such as machismo or over-aggression, would also be undesirable.
Naturally, the *thinking* minority of the population would want a leader who is less clouded in judgement by such gender-related
characteristics, and having a little of both - veers towards the centre of the spectrum. Is that statement so wrong?

Furthermore, I do admit I did assign the 'stereotypical' characteristics according to gender. This, however, is totally valid, and NOT just because of upbringing. Biology had quite a bit to do with the ideas of masculinity and femininity - of COURSE women are more nurturing, they HAVE to be. They are the ones that have children, feed the children, etc. It's only natural.

Likewise, men have characteristics which enable them to better fulfil their biological roles. It's just the way it is.

If fact, wanna know something real funny? Men have a small deposit of zinc in the cavity just above the bridge of their nose, which is thought to have helped with their sense of direction (like how birds know which way north is) earlier on in evolutionary spans. No wonder they refuse to ask for directions.

What I'm trying to say is that there's no reason why people can't be equal but different. Everyone should have the *opportunity* to become, say, Prime Minister of England or girlfriend of Prince William. This doesn't mean everyone will make a GOOD one, right? Of course. I know my persuasive writing isn't very persuasive when I ask if I'm right, but what can I say?

I'm a woman. Someone with such insecurities as myself shouldn't be in a place of power.... BUHWAHWAHWAHWA!! What do ya say about that one, eh?

Seriously, friends, darlings, people who were insane enough to read this far... without differences, equality would be impossible. So just accept weaknesses and don't try to be something you can't, just to prove you can. I know I have the opportunity to become President of the United States, but frankly, I don't want to, and I don't think I'd be a good one. But I sure do know my Chelates, have at least 10 dirty limericks by Isaac Asimov memorised, and can sing damn near every song ever written by Queen. Beat that, Clinton... or Bush or Gore or McCain, for that matter... an' Dobson, Livingstone... eat your hearts out!

One interesting thing, that came out of this discussion, was my noting that the people who were arguing on both sides of the issue were female. I think I need to have more manly men around. I wouldn't want any of the guys there to be a leader, either.;-)

If anyone would like to argue with me, pull my hair out, scratch my eyes, cut off my nose, etc. For the above rant, feel free:
[email protected] . But I must warn you, I've got PLENTY of
'psychological', 'biological' and 'common' sense to counter-attack you with.

And I'm one o' them STUBBORN bitches! JUST LIKE a woman!

Disclaimer: The Virtual Mayor of London is a young female from Southern California, like that place the Beach Boys an' TuPac used to sing of. It is recommended you do not take anything she says into serious consideration, she has no idea what she's talking about.
I'll go along with that!... ed.

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