People should be wearing more hats!

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That is the conclusion of the article listing Things There Should Be More Of. It also doesn't matter what type of hat should be worn... all types from Fez's to Pith Helmets have been selected for extra wear.

There are, of course, many more suggestions listed. Several people feel there should be more trees, especially Oak trees, and other wildlife, such as Red Squirrels, blackbirds and cats... plus endangered animals such as rhinos, tigers and dodos. Other sentimental suggestions include waterfalls, snow, log fires, poppies, children's laughter and sunshine. To balance against the feelings for nature and sentimentality, technology has not been neglected either... as hovercraft, hydrofoils, ZX Spectrums and solar panels have been recommended, too.

Perhaps the most cynical, though, are the suggestions that there
should be more sanity in Northern Ireland's politics, and that there should be more 'Nice People' in the world. Still, despite all this, and the inevitable suggestions that there should be more Approved Articles by each researcher, and more replies to their journals, it proves a very intriguing, and sometimes personal, list. So, in true Monty Python style, whose Meaning of Life also included the answer that people should wear more hats, we asked ourselves the following question: If people should be wearing more hats, how many hats should each researcher have?

We felt the answer could only be 42.


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