Things There Should Be More Of

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Welcome to the list of Things There Should Be More Of,
your chance to tell the world what there Should be in it.1
Some of them are things I think there should be more of, but most are other people's ideas.

The List

Oak Trees, and Oak Tree ForestsBluebottle
Dovetail jointsBluebottle
Picture railsBluebottle
Red SquirrelsBluebottle & ScifBloke
DepressionRoasted Amoeba
Brown Paper BagsBluebottle
Kubrick filmsBluebottle
Yellow Submarine merchandiseBluebottle
ZX SpectrumsBluebottle
The Number 8Bluebottle
Red Telephone boxesBluebottle
Concentric CastlesBluebottle
ShawshanksRoasted Amoeba
Inflatable sewing needlesBluebottle
Schubert's 8th SymphonyRoasted Amoeba
Dune booksBluebottle
Lava lampsBluebottle
The FISH trilogyBluebottle
HairdressersDancing Ermine
Nice PeopleÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Houses for the HomelesssÆndr, The Mad Hatter
ChoicesÆndr, The Mad Hatter
(Free Access) ComputersJoanna
ConcordesDancing Ermine
Solar Panels for housesÆndr, The Mad Hatter
WindmillsÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Good booksÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Colourful dry Autumn leavesÆndr, The Mad Hatter
BluebellsÆndr, The Mad Hatter
New Spring GrassÆndr, The Mad Hatter
The slant of sunlight through the treesÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Children's LaughterÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Gentle breezeÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Sugar CubesBluebottle
Pith Helmets (see "Zulu")Bluebottle
Rhinos & Tigers etcBluebottle
Telephone dial tonesRoasted Amoeba
HatsÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Hot waterbottles on cold nightsÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Log firesÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Warm rugsÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Days in the weekendGinger The Feisty
Perfect cups of TeaÆndr, The Mad Hatter
CakeÆndr, The Mad Hatter
People Who BounceThe Fish/Scifibloke
Peace rosesJoanna
Beech trees & ForestsTypolifi
Sanity In Politics (esp. Northern Ireland)Demon Draweri
SNOW!!Demon Drawer & Bluebottle
Acts of KindnessJoanna
CluesMarv the Grate
Reliable timetablesJoanna
Busses at nightMunchkin
Gillespies Stout Munchkin
Foreign employment opportunitiesMunchkin
Danger MouseMike A
Heavy MetalMike A
Horse chestnut trees Jenny And Fred The Cheese
Free Time Jenny And Fred The Cheese
Watches Jenny And Fred The Cheese
Freedom To Be Yourself Dancing Ermine
Softball games in Hyde ParkDancing Ermine
Aendr's cakes Dancing Ermine
Free drinks Dancing Ermine
Revolving doors Bluebottle
Flying Buttresses Roasted Amoeba
RecyclingÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Gentlemen who like to danceÆndr, The Mad Hatter
Flying BoatsBluebottle
Noctilucent clouds Ændr, The Mad Hatter
Drink UmbrellasSquirrel
Tater Tots2Squirrel
Trees on beachesAmy †
Freshwater lakes in MountainsAmy †
JellyfishAmy †
Flavours of MilkshakesAmy †
Decent PeopleAmy †
H2G2 MeetupsKrans Hopeson
Sandy BeachesMing
Time To SleepAurora & Amy †
Popcorn100 watt warlock of rock
Natural Hallucinations100 watt warlock of rock
Books by Douglas Adams100 watt warlock of rock
Good Ideas100 watt warlock of rock
Loose Change100 watt warlock of rock
Decent School DinnersMing
Towel SmileysMing
Bands that didn't split up/die before I was born.Jaz
Clothes for tall girls.Jaz
Sunny days.Jaz
Straight Edge people.Jaz
Money in my bank account.Jaz
Apple pies.Jaz
Vic and BobJaz
Mints that don't hurt your jaw.Jaz
Spring months.Amy †
Canon in D by Pachebel.Amy †
Pointless ListsHappy Little Elf
Sesame Street At 6amHappy Little Elf
UnicyclesHappy Little Elf
smiley - bluefish In The Seasinistercoincidence
Tony Bennsinistercoincidence
Sensible Suggestionssinistercoincidence
Hooks On Backs of DoorsBluebottle
Doctor WhoBluebottle
1ie. hats.2Chips

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